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Sick Pic’s ⚡️#6

Battle Royale

Why Hello 👋There Battle Bus Enthusiasts It is Me Your Banana King 👑 Sadly, he is tired 💤 and he won’t be doing the whole speech only the important parts! So Better Get This Out Of The Way #SickPics and #B64 Alright so if you like this series obviously you can click the upvote on the post but besides that you can check out my most recent Sick Pic! 👇👇👇

The Next Important Thing is...... If you would like a Sick Pic that you have found! To be featured in an episode of Sick Pics! Then here are the steps to do so! Steps) 1. Get A Sick Pic! 2. Make a post including this Sick Pic! 3. Make Sure To Use #SickPicSubmission in the post! Pretty Easy Right?! I know it’s super easy! Well let’s to the pics! FULL DISCLAIMER: IN NO WAY DO I CLAIM TO HAVE TAKEN THESE PICTURES!!! ——————————————————————— [Starring] Sunset Flip (Jerold)

Fortnite: Battle Royale - Sick Pic’s ⚡️#6  image 4

This is Jerold, he’s a very very skilled Drift Board expert and loves performing Tricks on his board of his! And it so happens that while attempting the Trick he got a super cool picture of him doing a backflip in front of the setting sun! ——————————————————————— Wailing For Wailing (FutureLeaf)

Fortnite: Battle Royale - Sick Pic’s ⚡️#6  image 6

That’s the OG black knight and He NEVER cries. But he let out all his sobs when his OG wailing woods got destroyed right before season 8! And you can see his partner in crime Mr.Llamadoodles is staying strong #MrLlamadoodles ——————————————————————— Stormed Out Alpine

Fortnite: Battle Royale - Sick Pic’s ⚡️#6  image 8

Sadly, Alpine Ace has been caught in the storm because he was too busy looting! Because all he had was a grey burst I know it’s a shame but think of the bright side! Even if he dies it makes for an amazing picture! ——————————————————————— -Banana64

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    Gonna find another one rn

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    Noice pic

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    The cow jumped over the moon

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    That’s sick

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    Dope pictures, Great post m8 :)

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    Ava ch yarya

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