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Feb 26, 2019, 10:58 PM 4,330 read

Happy National Default Skin Day ‼️⛽️🎉


___________________________________________________________ It’s finally here guys ! If you weren’t aware Today is the day that we honor all Default skins by paying Homage & rocking out as a Deafulty Boi for 24 hours ! 👏🏾🎉


As a true blooded Spitfire supporter I’ll be participating in the event and anyone is welcome to join my lobby to run some games in honor of our Default Ancestors. 💪🏾


___________________________________________________________ Shout Out to MootMafia Member F8alQueen For Raising Awareness 🙏🏾⛽️〽️


___________________________________________________________ Default Safely 🙏🏾 ___________________________________________________________ #NationalDefaultSkinDay #64 #TeamSpitfire #RememberingDefaults ___________________________________________________________

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