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Fortnite Keybind Guide

Battle Royale

As we all know, being able to build fast is key to becoming a great Fortnite player. Console players don't have a lot of options when it comes to customizing their button layouts, but PC players have an entire keyboard (plus mouse buttons) at their disposal. Because not everyone has a mouse with a bunch of buttons on it, this guide is focused specifically on keyboard bindings.   These are the settings that #Tfue uses, and are the settings I would recommend:   Jump: Space Use: F Reload: R Crouch: LShift Harvesting tool: 1 Weapon slots: 2-6 Wall: C Floor: E Stairs: Q Edit: V   These settings make sure that you can hit anything you need without ever having to move your hand off the WASD keys which is crucial because it means you can keep moving while inputting other actions. #Guide #TipsAndTricks

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