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Feb 13, 2021, 07:43 AM 171 read

Cryptic Esports is now recruiting

Battle Royale

CRYPTIC ESPORTS IS CURRENTLY RECRUITING   Looking for: Fortnite Players Valorant Players Staff members, Community Helpers and Moderators Team Captains VFX/GFX Editors (not paid)   What we're offering: Fortnite pro roster (500+ pr) Fortnite comp roster (100+ pr) Valorant comp roster (plat+) Valorant pro roster (immortal+) Growing server built with the community Active members   IN THE FUTURE WE WOULD LIKE TO Bring in more rosters for different games such as: Rainbow Six Siege CSGO Overwatch Rocket League Call of Duty Expand our clan into an org which has climbed through the ranks down to community contributions, allowing us to grow into a leading team challenging as high as we can aim.

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