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_SpitFire.64’s Skin Review : 𝘼𝙧𝗸 🚺🗣

Welcome to SpitFire’s Skin Review ! For this series I will choose one of the skins featured in the daily shop ( and on occasion requested skins ) to review and share my opinion on. ___________________________________________________________ Today I’ll Review : 𝘼𝙧𝗸

Ark , in my opinion , is one of the cleanest skins Epic Games has released in a while. I love it , 10/10. Ark has been getting a lot of backlash because it resembles the Overwatch character Mercy which I feel isn’t fair as the similarities are minor as they are both clearly based off the generic angelic figure concept. Mercy has a more futuristic appearance as she has mechanical wings and a skin tight bodysuit while Ark seems more like a traditional “ Angel “ with the standard attire and feathered wings. I feel she looks more like a combination of Kid Icarus from his self titled game and Angel from Tekken 2 than Mercy. I like the pattern on her gown and her golden armor on her left arm along with her golden halo. Her face paint adds a nice bit of flavor to her simplistic look. Her accompanying Ark Wing’s Backbling and Virtue Pickaxe fit her very well , a great set worth the money. #SpitFireApproved 😎👍🏾✅ ___________________________________________________________


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___________________________________________________________ How do you feel about this Ark skin , do you feel it’s a copy of Mercy from Overwatch ? Do you think Epic Games has truly become lazy ? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts ! - Da Big SixFour 😎⛽️6️⃣4️⃣ ___________________________________________________________ #SpitFireSkinReview ___________________________________________________________

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