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Point of interest #1

So I'll be doing a series where I pick a location and describe how many chest it has, the hot spots of that location, strategies to survive from that location while getting kills at the same time I would like to go in depth as much as I can. #pointofinterest ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So our first point of interest will be pleasant park. I'll try to do one every other day let me know what you want next

1. In the area indicated as number 1, you will find three chests inside a house that is at the most southwest of the area. One chest can be located inside the attic, the second will be below the attic, and you can find the third chest inside the basement. 2. The area at number 2 has a house that contains two chests. You will find the first chest is in the attic and the second chest will be inside the roof of the garage. 3. The house at the number 3 has only one chest. This chest can be found inside the lower roof, not at the attic. 4. There is a house at the number 4 that has two chests inside it. The first chest can be found in the attic and the other section of the roof at the side of the house. You can get there by knocking down the walls inside the house. 5. Number 5 has only one chest. You can find this chest by going to the roof of the house. 6. There is a chance of 3 chests to be spawned at number 6. You can find the first chest inside the attic of the house; the second chest will spawn on the floor that is below the other roof section. And finally, the last chest will be located outside the house and inside the dog kennel to the north. 7. House number 7 has two chests. The first can be found inside the basement that can be accessed by the entrance located at the outside. The second chest will spawn on the roof of the house. 8. At the house number 8, there is a chance of finding only one chest. That chest can be found inside the garage below the house. 9. There is only one chest at number 9, and that can be found in the middle of the football pitch. Grab it if you are brave enough. 10. Lastly, at number 10, you will again find only one chest. The chest can be located in the picnic area. Make sure to look around before grabbing this one; it is also an open area. Now the hotspots of pleasant from my experience the dog house, brick house, the light blue house by tree house and tree house. I suggest you land at the modern house or the till house. I personally like to land at either one of these houses. There is normally a little bit of loot but you can get your loot fast and move to the next house whilst getting kills on the go. Pleasant has a very simple structure it is just a big u shape. If you follow around the u you should be able to kill many people and team up with the people on the other side by 3rd partying anyone in the middle. NEVER GO IN THE MIDDLE!!!! You can easily be targeted by multiple teams and this will help you meet your doom. Materials are rather easy to gather as there is fences and Hedges to mine around the middle which us a efficient way to get fast materials. Watch out for the planes and rifts you can easily be jumped on or get smacked by a plane. Pleasant is surrounded by hills so late game try to get as much high ground as possible.

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