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Jan 10, 2019, 07:01 PM 757 read


If your new to moot welcome! What I’m about to talk about is VERY VERY RARE so don’t let it scare you moot is amazing site/app about gaming!

I’m probably gonna get a lot of hate for this but please stop asking for gift cards and especially stop spamming my profile on Xbox I had to turn off notifications because someone kept spamming me making accounts even joining me on fortnite.... ik I probably was asking for it just posting and talking about how much I wasted on fortnite openly... I’m 21 work go to college and I decide how I wast my money....I think no one has ever given anyone a gift card when they asked for it try making friends before asking for something...if your broke maybe learn how to handle money and I’m sure if your 10 your mom dad who ever has given you at least $1 it put it in a piggy bank...when you get $10 buy the battle pass idk .....BUT PLEASE STOP SPAMMING PEOPLE WITH MESSAGES ASKING FOR MONEY VBUCKS AND ESPECIALLY STOP MESSAGING IN THE WHATEVER PLATFORM THEY PLAY ON NO ONE IS FORCED TO GIVE YOU ANYTHING FOR FOLLOWING THEM...and im sure girls are annoyed from all the kids asking to be there girlfriend... sorry for the long run on paragraph. -leosenpa1

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