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Jan 10, 2019, 12:58 PM 906 read

Have you been scammed?? Read the critical information you need to know below

JUST A VERY FRIENDLY REMINDER: Everyone be sure to be as safely and secure with your fortnite account. DO NOT fall for those dumb "FREE V-BUCKS" scams. They're all over youtube and other cite sources out there! ONLY A SITE BY EPIC GAMES is actually reliable. THERE IS NO WAY anyone can hack/get FREE V-BUCKS. That would just mean that EPIC GAMES is losing out on their way of income, and trust me they have top dog security. IF ANYONE TRIES TO TRADE/SELL a fortnite account, DO NOT trust them. If ANYONE asks for your account information DO NOT DO IT. Not only can these scammers get your account but you have now given them access to your CRITICAL information such as, credit cards, your address, and phone numbers. BE CAREFUL GUYS PLEASE . IF YOU REALLY WANT TO SECURE YOUR FORTNITE ACCOUNT, TURN ON THE 2 FACTOR AUTHENTICATION. THIS IS THE SAFEST WAY TO SECURE YOUR PRECIOUS FORTNITE ACCOUNT. And just another reminder BUYING/SELLING fortnite accounts is NOT allowed under any circumstances according to EPIC'S terms and policies. ANY FOLLOWS ARE APPRECIATED, just looking out for our community💪 CHECK OUT OTHER POSTS I HAVE THAT ARE VERY INTERESTING!! Have a nice day!!! My boy #SpitFireApproved 💪 #mootmafia

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