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Fortnite Creative Mode

Battle Royale
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Fortnite Creative is not a survival race to survive in battle, but a new playable way for players to create their own world in Fortnite. Epic Games has now been open to all players, as well as introducing 'Fortnite Creative' for Season 7 and providing 'Fortnite Creative' for Battle Pass Season 7 buyers with Early Access.   All 'Fortnite' players are provided with four islands and can be moved to their island through the 'Creative Hub'. The player can create structures as he wants, or create devices such as ice trap, traps, and mounted turrets, weapons, and supplies on the island, and the changes are automatically saved.   Players can navigate through their 'Creative Hub' to their own islands, as well as other islands of their friends or recommended islands from the community. You can also set the editing and construction rights for an island so that your friend can edit it or build the structure.   'Fortnite Creative' is not just about building structures; it is about setting fitness rules, rules, rules, and so on, from racing places to racing games or air raids. The game also offers a high degree of freedom to be able to create.   #FortniteCreative

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