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Dec 4, 2018, 05:49 PM 2,995 read

The Base Story of Fortnite

Hi there, I just enjoyed Fortnite, but I didn't know the whole storyline that went through the whole season. I wonder who the bus driver is, who the announcer is, and who controls Storm. I'm putting up the baseline I've been looking for. Again, this means a story line survey from season 1 to season 6, and I would like to know the basic concept one step above some known seasonal stories (such as season 4). And here in this post I game with the interest of accumulating more on the history of your help. If you can help me find out more about the history of Fortune, I will appreciate it.   The story of Fortnite so far: In the year somewhere around 2060-2070, a mutant storm came in and mutated everyone into husks. The ones who were immune were the only ones left. You are the commander, controlling soldiers because you can’t do it yourself and it also gives reason to respawning and the third person view. Your mission is to try and save the world and remove the mutant storm. You send a satellite up into space and learn everything is taken up by this storm. You start by sending down an ATLAS which works as a shield temporarily but never works because husks can still travel the distance and destroy them. You receive messages from someone in Plankerton who has reasons to believe that Dr.Vinderman may still be alive and has a solution to the storm. After that, every soldier you have needs to be nannied and you can’t make any progress because something is always on fire and the story kinda tumbles away until there is nothing left. and at that point it’s half an hour missions doing nothing but resource collecting and repeating the same missions hoping the story will progress, but it never will.

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