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[READ ME] Account selling/trading, scams, staying secure and protecting your personal data.

  This your new warning post. Below the warnings are some tips to protect your account.   --------------------------------------------- 1. Anyone asking to "borrow" your account for ANY reason is most likely scamming you.   2. Anyone asking to "trade" accounts with you for ANY reason is most likely scamming you.   3. Anyone claiming that they have an account for sale, or wish to buy an account is most likely scamming you. If they are doing this through another app, or website, they are scamming you.   4. Anyone who asks you for your phone number, or asks you to text them is most likely scamming you.   5. Anyone who asks you for ANY of your other personal information, whether it be your email, passwords, Paypal, or any other form of sensitive information is scamming you.   6. Anyone who claims that they can place "hacked vbucks" in your account is scamming you.   7. Anyone who claims you will be rewarded for following their social media/Twitch/etc. is literally farming you for a click and don't give a single damn about you, and likely want to scam you too.   8. Anyone who claims "they're not a scammer" is most likely a scammer.   9. Anyone who claims they can put vbucks into your account, and/or claims their site/service/app/etc. will give you vbucks by "logging into" your Fortnite account through them is scamming you.   10. If someone changes the email of/activates 2FA on your account after they've gotten ahold of your data, it's their account now. ---------------------------------------------   If you participate in these sorts of posts, whether it be via here on Moot, Twitch, Discord, or anywhere else with someone you meet over any other platform and you lose your data, you only have yourself to blame. By giving away your personal information and allowing these scammers to gain the upper hand in obtaining your data, you yourself are entirely at fault.   --------------------------------------------- The best ways you can protect your account are as follows:   1. Don't give out your personal information, to anyone. Epic, Moot, and ANY other platform would NEVER ask ANY of its users for their passwords.   2. Set up 2FA yourself for your Epic account using this link:

3. Do not, under any circumstances, trust any third-party sites that endorse/"sell" skins, accounts, wins, etc. - only purchase vbucks directly from the version of Fortnite you play on; i.e. PS Store, Microsoft/Xbox Store, Nintendo eShop, iOS in-app purchase, Android in-app purchase, and through Fortnite via PC.   4. Don't use the same passwords you do for other accounts - make each password you use unique, and use combinations of capital letters, numbers, and symbols.   5. Be vigilant and don't fall into temptation! ---------------------------------------------   REMEMBER: Epic cannot ban them for stealing your data; you gave it to them. Moot cannot ban users for stealing your data; you gave it to them. No other platform will ban users for stealing your data; you gave it to them.   --------------------------------------------- You can combat the scams here on Moot by simply downvoting the scam posts, and reporting them directly to our Admin team. You can report a post using the button circled in the image below:

If you want to go the extra mile, call them out on it - warn other users it's a scam. ---------------------------------------------   We get it, Fortnite is awesome. Don't ruin Fortnite for everyone else.

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