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Dec 2, 2018, 04:37 AM 2,420 read

Let’s Take A Break and Look Back 😱

Let’s take a break from all this gifting junk and look back at how much this game has improved itself and grown as a game. It have developed itself more than any other game and has attracted users from all over the world from Russia to China. Let’s look back when Fortnite was just a unseasoned game in season one. When the pumps were double and the building was scarce. Also having a skin was like being terminator. No sweats, All fun, and just a plain good time. Season 2 now is cooking up with the introduction of the almighty battle pass and the “OG” skins now. Building was becoming more of a meta and the double pump was still in its prime with the start of Ninjas big growth along side ImTheMyth. Season 3 Double Pump is now the thing everyone does and the metas are becoming bigger and better with Ninja completely taking over the game. Season 4 Introducing the storyline of Fortnite and now Tfue is starting his takeover along side the ugly ALIA along with the man the myth the legend the cube our best friend. Season 5 The end of double pump and the start of the SMG ages with the later addition of my favorite the Drum gun and Alia was starting his reign of terror! Season 6 The days were people beg for gifts we OGs morn our Drum gun, Double Pump, and skull troopers and talk about the good old days and mock this new generation Season 6 The world may never know :) If anyone actually got this far I’m impressed that’s all Follow me for more (Yeah I didn’t add the removal of map spots because idc)

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