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Nov 28, 2018, 06:00 AM 2,402 read

GIFTING SYSTEM: Important info

Listen up you Fortnite Mooters. FALL IN LINE YOU NO SKIN! Respect your wizard. 😤 Many of you are pumped for this new gifting system. Some may be over hyped. So let me “spell” you the facts. HOW IT WORKS: 🔮 when you go to the item shop and buy something, it will announce ✌🏼(2) options: To buy for yourself OR to gift it to a friend. IMPORTANT FINE PRINT (things no one reads at first and finds out the hard way): 🙄 🔮Your account must have “Multi-factor authentication” enabled. Don’t know what that is? Typical muggle. Click this link to find out. (

🔮YOU MUST BE FRIENDS FOR 48 hours! 2 days compadre. Dos. Not 47 hours. Not 38 minutes. 4ordy 8ight HOWERZ. 🔮The limit is 3 gifts within 48 hours!! I’m talking to you Santa clause 🎅🏿 🔮Gifts are NOT refundable. Doesn’t matter if you have a receipt Karen! Stop coming to my house before I call the LAW! 🔮you can only gift stuff in the current gift shop. Duh. Kinda obvious. But not to anyone named Jerry apparently. Freaking Jerry’s dude. Smh my head. 🔮THIS IS ONLY GOING TO LAST 1 WEEK! That’s only HALF A FORTNIGHT. Get it? No? Then go to history class or google. Degenerates. It may come back after the week term. Depending on how much money they make here and how much fraud they deal with. Who knows. Most likely a bad muggle will ruin it for everyone. Or a Jerry. Freaking Jerry’s man. Anyway. Have fun! Be nice. Spend some money for less fortunate peeps. And get some W’s in the name of MOOT! Source:

Wizard out 🧙🏼‍♂️✨

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