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Sick Pics Return! 📸

Battle Royale

Greetings Battle Bus Enthusiast, I have once again returned from a good o’l banana slumber. And he has great news for many Fortnite Photograhpers! The return of the Legendary Series, Sick Pics! Sick Pic is basically Moots Showcase of the Best Pictures that everyone has showcased. You might be saying how do I find these photos... well actually you enter them! So when posting a showcase make sure to use #SickPicSubmission to have a chance to be featured, don’t worry if you weren’t chosen one week you could be chose the next! I took a break from this series awhile ago because it took a lot of work to put these out each week but hopefully after my short hiatus I’ve gained enough energy to continue them. So this Monday, will be the newest Sick Pic post, keep your eyes peeled 👀

Fortnite: Battle Royale - Sick Pics Return! 📸 image 2

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    that looks like Mr goodman from sml