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Oct 25, 2019, 02:03 AM 468 read

My personal opinion on this game overall

I’ve always been a fan of Fortnite ever since Season 2, I just was never able to play until Season 3. And the game has kept my attention ever since. It’s not even just the game itself that keeps me on it , all the memories I’ve created and and all the friends I’ve made on a simple little online video game.. it’s insane to me . The Fortnite community has quite a bit of toxic people within it , but that doesn’t affect me . I know my potential, and I play the game for the fun of it and to create more memories with those I play with , which is why I don’t let myself get so triggered at so much in the game . I’d rather play to have fun with the people I’m playing with, rather than getting wins all the time .. And honestly, the only thing that truly sets me off .. is when I get a kill stolen , especially if I dealt so much damage to the enemy.. but that’s when I just don’t talk so I don’t cause any problems and can get back to being chill .. which doesn’t take long . But I could never see myself leaving this game , no matter what... I’ve met wayyy too many amazing people on this game and created waaayyy too many memories to just up and leave it at all . It’s a fun game if you know how to make the best of it

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