Shimarisou LV.2 Lurker
Oct 24, 2019, 01:36 AM 87 read

You know what grinds my gears?

Battle Royale

People who complain about kills being stolen. They are annoying and questionable team players in my opinion. I say, as long as the team is alive and well equipped at the end of a team fight then "who killed who" doesn't matter. Win the fight, share the loot and stay focused. Anyone can steal my kill all game and I won't even care as long as it helps us win the fight and ultimately, the match. For example, I would deal poke damage while a teammate pushes an enemy just so I can increase their chances of winning and staying alive, therefore, "taking my kill" for the sake of the fight. While thats all going down, I am keeping track of the enemy status (Shields broke, Purple shields, gold, one tap, etc.) and relaying it to my team. Though, I understand seeing that kill count is satisfying. I will say that it's a fun thing to do with friends to joke around with kill stealing. Creating friendly competition where you understand the other person is a good way to help each other improve. But when it comes to randos or a friend of a friend (who is therefore a stranger to me) who is like "yo, this dude stole my kill," it gets annoying and makes me not wanna play with this person if kill counts are what matters to them. I don't believe every kill fiend is as bad as I make it seem. In that case, they'd just be an aggressive teammate. Which is okay if they think about it tactically. All in all, I'd rather just avoid sweaty teammates. Like, me and squad are good but not sweaty. Meaning, we don't go crazy during a team fight, screaming in the mic, getting hyped over an adequate kill. We just do our best and move on. Just have with the game. #casual #rant #nosweats #fungaming #grindsmygears #vent #Fortnite #Apex #team #player

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