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Oct 19, 2019, 01:58 AM 1,813 read

Who wants to play a game

The game is simple, it a fortnite choice adventure, you make your own choices. How to play: 1. Dm me, that you want to play 2. Choose a game mode you want - Solos or Duos (Duos have you control 2 people) 3. Choose a chapter 2 season 1 location to land 4. Wait for me to respond Rules: 1. Don't try to pick up weapon out of no where 2. Be realistic with the simulation your in (no rift or going ninja sweat) 3. Be patient ( your not the only one playing) 4. The game will end for a day, and will be continue tomorrow. (Don't ask to continue when I end the game for the day.) During the game, you'll get a spot to think or a spot to take action, you can use command to help you. Command: - !checklist: check your hp, guns and materials - !drop (name of item): drop a item - !mine: go mine for materials - !heal (name of healing item): let's u heal #laterskullies

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