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Which Fort Collab Do You Think Is Next Up ? 🤔

Fortnite have collaborated with various organizations , brands and even TV Series so I can only imagine what’ll be next ! With it being a whole new Chapter of Fortnite I bet that some BIG collaborations are in the works. Are there any that you’re anticipating and what do you think the collab would consist of ?

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Which Collab Do You Think Is More Likely ?

  • Fortnite x NBA 12
  • Fortnite x Pokémon 33
  • Fortnite x Google 2
  • Fortnite x Apple 12
  • Fortnite x Rapper/Singer 13
  • Fortnite x Designer Brand ( Gucci , LV , Ect. ) 33
  • Fortnite x Disney 13
  • Other ( Comment ) 10

Personally I’d like to see a NBA Collab so they’ll either add selectable styles to Jumpshot + Triple Threat or new basketball skins similar the soccer skins or banner skins ( changeable team and jersey number ).

They could also add various basketball courts around the map and even makeshift baskets to use for challenges and even new mechanics to play basketball. The rewards could be a Championship Trophy Backbling , an emote that flexes a Championship Ring , an emote similar to the “ Team _______ “ ones but with NBA teams of course or maybe even a new Hat cosmetic with an NBA Team that you could add to any skin. What ya think about that idea ?➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖Post inspired by :

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