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Sep 20, 2019, 01:36 AM 94 read

⚙ Perfect Grit Setup ⚙

Grit is honestly one of my favorite uncommon skins I own and I thought it was time I finally make a setup and bring more attention to this underrated skin. Let me know what you think!

⚙ Perfect Grit Setup ⚙

⚙ Grit Skin (800 Vbucks)

⚙ Assassin Pack Backbling (2,000 Vbucks)

⚙ Tenderizer Pickaxe (Twitch Prime Pack 2)

⚙ One Shot Glider (Wick's Bounty Victory Umbrella)

⚙ Ballistics Contrail (Season 8 BP Tier 85)

⚙ Dogfight Wrap (300 Vbucks)

Leave Any Skin Setup Suggestions In The Comments Below! 👇

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