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Sep 19, 2019, 02:08 PM 260 read

Alright So I Ain’t Wanna Be That Kid But ...

Am I the only one who’s tired of playing Squads only to have your Squad get dropped and now you boutta die too because your screen has more pop ups then a PC from ‘97 with all kinds of Viruses ? Idk know about ya but my friends all got about 10+letters in they PSN names so when they get eliminated and their card drops there is alway a lengthy ass bar above they card taking up 6.4% of my screen and sometimes more depending on my distance from it. Now multiply this by 3 along with the fact that these bars aren’t transparent AND there are enemies in the area of these name bars then you see where the problem comes in. I’ve been gunned down multiple times by an enemy that was 100% NON-VISIBLE on my screen due to teammate reboot cards being in the vicinity and it doesn’t make sense. You got the Name Bar , the sound of the Cards themselves , the timer decreasing until the card disappears and if you already gathered 1 card then you got an indication bubble on which direction the van is & such and it’s like get this off my screen Bro. I know where my Mans Card is at , I know how much time I got left , I ALREADY KNOW MY FRIENDS NAME , I know where the Van is at so can you chill Epic ? 😂 Am I just dumb and haven’t found the option in the settings or is there no way to remove these from your HUD ? Can we at least make them smaller ? Am I the only one who has this problem ? Also why can’t I ping Campfires and Vending Machines yet ? My friends are bling and need that extra assistance Epic please , fix dis.

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