RoyalFreak LV.11 Creeper
Aug 8, 2019, 06:58 AM 30 read

Why epic

Battle Royale

Why'd you guys remove ballers but add these broken titanfall looking things? What do y'all think about them?

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  • Dhoaglun32 LV.4 Lurker Aug 8, 2019, 06:59 AM

    facts they can't keep thier game good

  • Tweakyscarf1624 LV.5 Lurker Aug 9, 2019, 01:11 PM

    they vaulted the quad Crashers so there is only 2 vehicles in the game I don't think it's permanent

  • RoyalFreak LV.11 Creeper Aug 10, 2019, 09:01 AM

    wow, I didn't even realize they remove the quads until you commented this, ffs