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Road Trip Challenge Stop Sign Locations Guide

Destroy Stop Signs - Road Trip Challenge

Complete the "Destroy stop signs with the Catalyst outfit" for Fortnite Season 10 Week 1 Road Trip Challenges with this guide! Including the Stop Sign locations here! Destroy Stop Signs with the Catalyst Outfit Challenge Challenge Summary

Time to put a stop to Stop Signs! Put on your Catalyst outfit and destroy Stop Signs to complete this challenge! Requires Catalyst Skin to Complete

You can't just destroy the Stop Signs though. You'll need to be wearing the Catalyst outfit for it which you can unlock immediately upon buying the Season 10 Battle Pass. Stop Signs Locations

Pleasant Park Stop Signs

Pleasant Park has a massive 12 Stop Signs within it's vicinity! If you have the place by yourself, you can complete the challenge in one sitting! This is extremely good when attempting the Prestige challenge. Pleasant Park, Salty Springs, Paradise Palms & Mega Mall all contain stop signs, Pleasant Park has the most (at 12 stop signs) so I decided to only include this location in the post. Enjoy!! Source: #_snyper.64 #DoubleM #MM #ChallengeGuides

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