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Aug 3, 2019, 08:27 AM 934 read

Why the Season 10 redesigns are a good thing.

So Fortnite decided with Season 10, or Season X to instead of creating brand new characters, to recreate old skins from previous battle passes. I have noticed a split between the community where some people are very happy with the battle pass, some who thought it was lazy, and others who are made because they hate that it’s a redesign of their rare skin. I definitely see all sides here and I’m kind of in the middle. However, I would like to share a though with you guys about what this could mean for the future of cosmetics in this game especially with dealing with older cosmetics that were exclusive and became unavailable before the game became popular (Floss, Black Knight, Renegade Raider).   Epic games kicked themselves in the but by putting the floss emote on the season 2 battle pass. Its one of if not the most desired emote in this game and most people can’t get it because they didn’t start until season 3 or 4. This is why the “No Sweat” aka the “1-armed floss”, was created and why a new windmill floss was found in the files. Epic knows a lot of players wish they could have gotten the floss and are trying to give new players that emote while not violating the “OG” players.   This is something similar that they are doing. Sparkle Specialist, and Black Knight are very good popular skins, partially due to that rarity but also because they are fantastic skins. Because Epic can’t rerelease these skins, they have created new ones for the newer players to have and have improved their appearance to better stand out when compared with the massive progress in skin designs.   As for skins like DJ Yonder, Rust Lord, and Technique, these are popular skins when compared to other battle pass skins but their designs are either bland or unloved when compared to modern skins. The creation of Yond3r in particular is very appealing as it took a bad looking bot skin from season 6 and created a visually stunning skin.   I do see many opportunities with skin redesigns. Some of you may disagree with me on this (OG players *cough), but old battle pass redesigns could be a great thing for the community. Personally I’m hoping for redesigns of Carbide and Omega (2 of my favorite skins but I feel if a redesign is done right it will make them even better), Elite Agent (design a better helmet and new colors), Ragnarök (one of my favs but too bulky), and maybe Renegade raider if they do it right. <br />Thats all i'm gonna say. Thank yall for taking the time to read my post and let me know what yalls thoughts are in this.

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