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Jul 11, 2018, 03:57 AM 3,187 read

Gifting System and speculated skin trading in the near future.

As we all know the gifting feature will be added to Fortnite soon however there is no date. I would like to clear up some things because some speculations makes no sence.   First off: There is no release date   Many people are saying "trading" will be coming in Season 5 however this is not confirmed so avoid speculation.   Second: What will be realistically gifted   Realistically thinking about this you wont be able to trade pre-bought skins, what you have bought for yourself if yours. What we should expect to be able to trade:   - V-bucks - Starter Packs - Battle Pass - Possibly skin (further explanation)   *Skins may be able to be gifted but you would have to buy them in the shop and you wont receive the skin yourself. A clear idea of this is when you click on an item to buy instead of saying purchase it will also say gift to a friend as a second option.   Trading skins from your inventory will never be a skins as it will create a black market that Epic Games cannot profit off of and I will also open up more opportunity to scam users.

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