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Sick Pic’s #10 ☄️

Battle Royale

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☝️☝️☝️ Well now that , that is out of the way. Hello fellow Battle Bus Enthusiasts it is me your Banana King , and he has brought to you another edition of Sick Pic’s This is a series where I show off the coolest of cool replay mode picture from everybody , to reddit , Instagram , to even Moot ❗️ Now you might be wondering 🤔 Moot you say ...? You can get your picture featured in Sick Pic’s ❗️ All you need to do is follow these steps 1) Take or Get a super cool replay mode picture from online ❗️ 2) Make a post including that very picture ❗️ 3) Make sure to use #SickPicSubmission in the post for a chance to be featured Now I’ve been seeing many people like Stun^^ making replay mode posts , and I just wanted to remind everyone USE #SickPicSubmission ❗️ I credit all users so your not getting your picture stolen in any way Well let’s get right into it ❗️ #SickPics ——————————————————————— Ridin and Flyin (Levytation)

Fortnite: Battle Royale - Sick Pic’s #10 ☄️ image 4

This picture is so cool , the way the lightning goes right under the board makes the picture so cool. The storm sky in the background is super cool looking and gives the picture so much more flavor as a picture ! ——————————————————————— Clowning Around (QueenDeku^^)

Fortnite: Battle Royale - Sick Pic’s #10 ☄️ image 6

One of my personal friends , QueenDeku likes taking amazing pictures in Replay Mode. There always amazing and this one just stands out to me. The green lights blurred out look very cool , and the emote makes the skin look so Sick lookin. Nice picture ! ——————————————————————— Llama Magic ❗️

Fortnite: Battle Royale - Sick Pic’s #10 ☄️ image 8

Llamakadabra is such a good emote. It looks even better in a picture , especially sun strider. This picture is just so cool with the sparkles and the gift and the little devil llamas. #MrLlamadoodles ——————————————————————— Dancin on the dead (TheUglyCarti)

Fortnite: Battle Royale - Sick Pic’s #10 ☄️ image 10

This is a old picture of Carti’s. But it’s a classic never less , it’s just such a disrespectful picture. Basically to sum it up Carti is a meanie poopoo head because you can see here he dances on his knocked pray. But a cool picture never less ——————————————————————— Reign Fire ❗️

Fortnite: Battle Royale - Sick Pic’s #10 ☄️ image 12

My good friend #MrLlamadoodles is currently shredding his opponents down with a barrage of bullets while making for a great picture. The sky is beautiful , the skin looks so clean next to the sky and the fire looks amazing looking. Remember kids don’t mess with Mrllamadoodles ——————————————————————— ✌️ #B64 #MysticMafia

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    "Meanie poopoo head"
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    that is not sick fortnite is trash

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