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Battle Royale

This Was Months But It Has To Come To An End. FaZe Banks And Tfue Has Alot To Say About This "Contract" Sincerely This Contract Is About When You First Join FaZe You Sign This Contract. Tfue Is Mad Because In The Contract He Didn't Sign Up for Meaning Every time He Plays In Special Events FaZe Clan Takes 80% Of Tfues Awards. Now That's What Tfue Was Mad About. But Ricky On The Other Hand Tries To Tell Them That He Doesn't Take 80% Of Tfues Earnings. Especially If Anything I'm On Tfues Side. He Has Proof And Everything. Ehhh But Its Still Going On But Needs To Stop. #Tfue #releasethecontract #Fortnite #fortnitenews

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  • Mr.Source LV.21 Xbox Jun 9, 2019, 09:28 AM

    tfues lying