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Fortbyte 79 Location Guide

‘Fortnite’ Fortbyte #79 Location: Found Within An Arcade

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Fortnite is back with another Fortbyte, this time #79. We thought that it would be one hidden in today’s loading screen for week 4 challenges, but that is not the case, and instead we are looking for a piece that is “found within an arcade.” If you didn’t know where an arcade was on the Fortnite map off the top of your head, I wouldn’t blame you, because it’s a relatively new addition as of this season. You are heading to the Mega Mall, the futuristic replacement for Retail Row which does indeed have an arcade as one of the stores. To find it, you are going to want to face the giant Pizza Pit headquarters (and go dance inside the tomato head for a week 4 challenge if you want), and then if you turn around and face west, voila, you are in the arcade.

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Once you are at the arcade, you really do not have much to explore. There are a few machines that you sadly cannot play, and you are looking for a space behind the counter.

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I found a shotgun there, and also, it’s where your Fortbyte piece #79 is going to be. Remember, these are only able to be picked up in non-Playground modes, and from what I can tell, they no longer even show up in Playground at all, which has made my guide writing just a little bit harder. Cry me a river, I know. Here's a map for where this location is in the mall exactly: L

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Again, once you’re done with this Fortbyte, you can head straight over to Pizza Pit build up into the tomato head and start dancing to do the first step of that multi-stage challenge. I have guides for all three parts of that here if you want to go all the way. Mega Mall is obviously a pretty great looting spot, so you can do all this and still be geared up enough to go out and have yourself a normal game. But beware, this arcade is going to be swarmed by players all day today as everyone races for the same Fortbyte piece. Remember the golden rule, don’t kill anyone until after they get it and you have both had a dance off for roughly 15 seconds. If not, you are a jerk. See you out there. #Fortbyte Source:

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