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Reaction Gif Contest #24

Battle Royale

Over 1,000 coins in prizes!   React to this post with your best reaction gifs:   "Dinosaurs Are in Polar Peak"

Fortnite: Battle Royale - Reaction Gif Contest #24 image 2

"Originally, we thought dragons were in polar peak, but more and more evidence points towards dinosaurs to contrast with the futuristic theme. On the map, we have the dinosaur park next to paradise. At polar peak, these bones are visible, and a leaked image of the egg is also shown. In addition, the fortnite world has had a dinosaur footprint that has never been explained. All of this evidence leads us to believe dinosaurs are among us. "   Let me know what you think about this with your best reaction gifs below! Winners will be revealed next week, good luck!   Full post here:

---------------------------------------------------------------------- Congratulations to the winners of last week's contest! anonymous took home first place with an amazing gif! ObliviousRex and Banana ツ both secured runners-up honors! Also a special shout out to KnightRyanYT for being the creator of this week's featured post! (PRIZES: Creator 500 coins, 1st place 500 coins, Runners-up 100 coins each) #Contest

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