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May 20, 2019, 03:54 AM 151 read

My favorite skin combo that I’ve been using the last week 🥰💕✨

Here’s the sweet little cuddle team leader 🥰💕✨ most of you know that she’s a legendary skin, so she’s 2,000 vbucks and was first released on February 10th last year. She has been out 17 times since she was first released

Here we have the Goodie bag backbling which was a part of the Season 4 battle pass and it was rewarded by reaching Tier 55. It is part of the Sweet Tooth Set

This is the Bold Bar pickaxe . It’s an uncommon pickaxe (500 vbucks) that was only in the shop 2 times (that I remember) it’s honestly one of my favorite pickaxes

Here’s the Heartspan glider , you were able to have it if someone gifted it to you for free . Shoutout to my best friend for giving me the glider when it was Valentines Day ✨💕 http://moot.us/@TheUglyCarti

Last part of the combo is the hearts Contrail, which was rewarded in Season 4 and reaching tier 68

#QueenDeku #CQK

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