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Fortbyte 72 Location Guide -LEAK

*Please Note This Fortbyte Is Not Available To Collect Yet, This Is A Leak* Fortbyte # 72 - Found Within Salty Springs Find out how to complete the upcoming "Found Within Salty Springs" challenge and unlock Fortbyte # 72 in this guide. This includes the condition, Fortbyte location, and more!

Fortbyte # 72 - Found Within Challenge Overview Found Within Salty Springs - Summary

A Fortbyte has found its way into Salty Springs and it's not quite as hidden as expected. Head on over to this peaceful suburbs to find Fortbyte # 72. Fortbyte # 72 - Salty Springs Location Map Location

The small town of Salty Springs is located south of Dusty Divot and North of Fatal Fields. Bird's Eye View

On the west side of the town is an overturned truck. Head there to find the Fortbyte. Close Up

Take a peak inside the overturned Truck to see the Fortbyte on the driver's seat. Claim it and it will be added to your progress! All Forbyte Challenges Location Map

A New Fortbyte challenge is released every day throughout Season 9! Uncover the secrets of the island by collecting them all and solving the puzzle behind the Fortbytes. #Fortbyte Source:

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