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May 16, 2019, 11:01 AM 1,646 read

Spraying up the city... 🤩✨❗ (Teknique Showcase *with various sprays*)

This showcase is inspired by Jellybean and the Teknique showcase she did a while back. Be sure to go show her love while she's on break. Hope you all enjoy. ✨ Lots of lettuce, -TheUglyCarti 🐰✨❗ #SkinShowcase #RamirezGang #SickPicSubmission ______________________________________________

The Setup I used for this showcase: •Teknique (S4 BP T23) •Dark Bag (Dark Bomber's BB; 1200 v-bucks) •Skully Splitter {Default variant} (Skully's axe; 800 v-bucks) •Wet Paint (S4 win umbrella) •Spray Paint contrail (S4 BP T36)

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