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May 15, 2019, 09:23 PM 946 read

Which one?!?!?!

2nd post on the fortnite lounge congrats me!!!! Anyway fortnite season 9 just dropped a few days ago and people are saying they love it! Many people like the future landscape of the new map! Now enough with epic games taking over, here is a very easy question, which platform do you guys play on? All the newer platforms can play fortnite ( the more the merrier) and its better because it free! Enough with me rambling, just get down there and put your answers in the poll. It would be cool if you guys have diverse of platforms. I do, I just don't play then that often (summer coming and you already know😎🎮♾) thank you for reading my post.

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  • Xbox One 22
  • PlayStation 4 36
  • Nintendo Switch 14
  • Mobile 7
  • Mac/Pc 8
  • microwave 12

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