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May 13, 2019, 07:30 AM 1,649 read

The Pump Shotgun Was Vaulted... And Here’s Why

Hello And Welcome! 👋 Today I Have Some Reasons Of Why The Pump Was Vaulted. First We Have A Theory From RocketHops👇

Now I Don’t Know If I Fully Believe This, But I Do See His Reasoning Next We Have This Picture Showing John Wicks Mansion, John Wicks Shotgun, And John Wicks Assault Rifle👇

So We Already Know That There Are The Wick Bounty Challenges Coming Soon (if you don’t, click here👇

) So Maybe For Some Reason They Want Players To Be Using This Shotgun Instead. (i have no idea why they would want that... maybe this would make players wanna see the movie or something 🤷‍♂️) Next We Have Another Theory👇

I Don’t Know For Sure If There Was More Reasoning Than Them Wanting The Beginning Of The Season To Be Fresh...👇

All I Know For Sure Is That I Just Want The Pump Back 😭 Let Me Know Why You Think They Vaulted The Pump In The Comments! 👇👇👇 - #J64

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