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Unpopular opinion here

You ready... I’m glad pumps gone now before you dislike this is why. It was a great gun it rewarded damage for accuracy but some times it rewarded damage for luck, I can say I have lost many games because some bot got a really lucky shot on my head with a blue/purple/golden pump, but the fact is they needed to do something about it so it rewarded damage for accuracy but they can’t really do that unless they A.nerf the gun and every one is mad. They B. Vault the gun and make a counterpart that rewards damage for accuracy. Or they do C. Make the guns hit box smaller. Let’s be honest no madder what the chose every one is mad don’t get me wrong I’m mad but we got to think about the combat what makes it so “bad”. The combat shotgun does about 73 to the body point blank and 130 to the head point blank so no more one pump to go along it’s got RANGE you can do a good 30 damage from about 10-20 feet away so what I think they wanted with this gun is a gun that you can get those small hit points from range right before the fight and then do insane damage up close IF you have accuracy what makes it bad is it shoots WAY to fast so you can do 73,73,73 back to back to back so I want people to stop calling it trash because it got rid of a great gun call it trash because it’s actually trash which it’s not it’s more like trash at a cookie store you like the smell but don’t wanna get caught liking it but ima be honest I’m gonna ditch the gun for a heavy when it gloomed back out so yea that’s my opinion feel free to hate and dislike now #mysticmafia #gotthehorsesintheback #datspicyboi

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