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May 10, 2019, 02:15 AM 573 read

What is your favorite thing about Fortnite and why?

My favorite thing(s) are 1. The weapon variety 2. The storyline 3. The amazing events and LTMs 4. The funny moments 5. When toxic people happen and then get owned 6. When scammers get scammed 7. The absence of blood and gore 8. The many different options for styles Also be sure to use my hashtag #allofmyfavoritethings when you do this type of post on moot or if you're not on moot use #serpentsquad it's really appreciated and if you are doing a post I or someone else has done make sure to give credit and I don't mind you not giving me credit just give others the credit they deserve but you can use my hashtag and follow to get a shout out as long as you Follow Like DM Me about it and comment on any of my posts at any time _______________________________________________________ #mysticmafia #serpentsquad #TTV #T34MDR34D #GFXDesign4CHEAP #PhotoEditor4hire #allofmyfavoritethings #GameCoral.com/lordvex _______________________________________________________

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