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May 9, 2019, 05:08 AM 258 read

Season 8 Recap

At the end of every season, I’d like to basically type out what seems like a graduation speech 😂😂 But this season was amazing when it came to people coming into my life , I grew closer to a lot of people, I’ve met even more amazing people, my gameplay has gotten better .. just so much happened this season ✨ This season is definitely when I started becoming more active on Moot, and started getting noticed. I’m glad I came onto this app, because I wouldn’t have gotten close to people like Spit, Fury, Inki, vSpinyy, Nerty, Draco, and many others ✨💜 and then I met people through others. Spinyy has definitely introduced me to some great friends such as Kerbo, Darrius, and Killem 💯 I can finally somewhat say that I’m becoming less of a bot 💕 I have gotten slightly better at the game , and I’m proud of myself for it . Having my creator code has definitely built my gaming confidence up too .. Thank you to everyone who’s made this season a very memorable season 💜✨ onto the next very soon . #Queen64 #MysticMafia #DoubleM #Lil64

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