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May 6, 2019, 11:23 PM 217 read

Season 9 what we can expect.

Battle Royale

Well since we are 3 days away from season 9 I have a lot of things that we could most likely see in season 9 and here they are 1. A new cosmetic item type In season 5 it was toys Season 6 pets Season 7 wraps But in season 8 we didnt get anything so I think in season 9 they're going to make up for it with two new things hopefully 2. Gifting battlepass It was found in the game files that we might be able to gift the battlepass so let's hope that happens 3. Time travel or alien theme since Kevin was most likely an alien structure that was lost in our world from the rifts it will probably debut in this season we can also think it was the portal the underworld cuz of the backbling (idk what it's called but spitfire.64 mentions it in one of his lists) and the cube was the thing that brought the cube monsters aka zombies to us I think ruin aka the demon king wants to unleash hell on the fortnite map literally But enough of my theories we have alot we can expect from this season but I dont have any more right now but expect more later Also please follow for theories and updates on your favorite games and I will follow back _______________________________________________________ #mysticmafia #doublem #serpentsquad #waht #Lordveximus365MM

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