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May 2, 2019, 09:32 AM 499 read

What is the best Avengers Weapon?

We probably all know at this point if the new Fortnite gamemode, Endgame. In that mode, there is two teams 1) Thanos and the Chitauri 2) The Avengers When you’re on the avengers team, you can find four different weapons from chests or treasure chests Iron Man’s Repulsors, Thor’s Stormbreaker, Captain America’s Sheild, and Hawkeye’s Bow My personal favorite is the sheild. It gives you protection, but more importantly it homes in on other players, so you don’t have to aim (perfect for players like me), and it packs a pretty big punch! Here’s a little screenshot token by me with Star Lord wielding the sheild (#SickPicSubmission)

(If you wanna use this picture be sure to ask me and give me credit in your bio for it 😊) So what do you guys think? Vote in the poll below?

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The best Avengers Weapon?

  • Repulsors 6
  • Stormbreaker 25
  • Sheild 9
  • Bow 11

(Poll staying for 5 days) See ya guys later, and as always... STAY LEAFY #leaf64 #mysticmafia

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