</_Wasabi_\> </_Wasabi_\> LV.25 Try Hard
Apr 28, 2019, 09:27 PM 1,233 read


come on people this is ridiculous can you not tap the select board area here I’ll help you tap select board

then tap which board it belongs in battle Royale is stuff that relates to battle Royale and remember account selling is not allowed here either

next if you want a friend or need a 4th don’t post it in battle Royale post that in looking for teammates

next you if you want people to subscribe to your YouTube or twitch post that in promotions and if you gonna try to sell an account at least post it here

lastly if you have a funny meme you want people to see post it in the memes board plz

I’m just done with all this crap so plz post in the right board and no account sell and also no one wants to buy you vbucks. #mysticmafia #datspicyboi #fortnite #gotthehorsesintheback

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