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Apr 28, 2019, 08:03 AM 302 read

FutureLeaf’s Skin Combos (Episode 1)

Wassup lads and ladresses, it’s Leafy Boi here As many of you know, a lot of people these days do skin combo posts, and I thought that maybe it’s time to share some of my favorite skin combos with you guys so you can enjoy it for yourself! And this is episode 1! Of course, the original creator of these types of posts was TheUglyCarti, so go check him out and drop him a follow http://moot.us/@TheUglyCarti

Now, on to the skin combo! ——————————————————————— Ruin Skin - Available in season 8 for completing 55 weekly challenges

Dying Light Backbling - Available by completing 3 of the Ruin challenges

The Chill-Axe - Available with the “Deep Freeze” Bundle

Swarm - Available on tier 79 of the Season 6 Battle Pass

Lava - Available on tier 58 of the Season 8 battle pass

——————————————————————— I hope you all loved today’s skin combo, and I’ll see ya in the next one! Stay Leafy! #leaf64 #mysticmafia #skincombo

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