Jerold Jerold LV.25 Try Hard
Apr 17, 2019, 06:51 AM 208 read

Steamworks Skin Concept

#Concepts Here Is The Steamworks Skin And His Backbling👇

Fortnite: Battle Royale - Steamworks Skin Concept image 2

Credit To Recade15 On Reddit! I think this is a really clever concept and the skin and back bling look really cool. This set is based off of Steampunk which is a genre of science-fiction that is based off of the Industrial Revolution and steam power. I think this set is a good representation of that definition. Also, let me know if you would you buy this skin 🤔 I sure would!

Comment 2

  • FutureLeaf^^ verified LV.29 Made in America Apr 17, 2019, 06:52 AM

    Looks kinda like a pilot

  • Jerold LV.25 Try Hard Apr 17, 2019, 06:55 AM

    Oh yeah you’re right 🤔