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🚨 KaliiPlayz Scavenger Hunt 🤯

Battle Royale
Fortnite: Battle Royale - 🚨 KaliiPlayz Scavenger Hunt 🤯 image 1

—————————————————————— Good Morning/Afternoon Ladies And Gentleman Of The FortNite Lounge ☀️ Happy Monday To All ☺️ Today I Present To You All... KaliiPlayz Scavenger Hunt/Challenges 🤗🕵🏽‍♂️📜 First 3 People Too Complete All Task Listed Will Be Given A ShoutOut Post & Added To My Unofficial Moot Hall Of Fame As A KaliiPlayz Challenge Winner 😎 Make Sure You Read This Post In It’s Entirety. Rules Will Be Listed For Each Set Of Challenges & You Must Follow These Rules To Qualify As A Winner. ———————————————————————— 🚨This Is My First Of Many Scavenger Hunts/Challenges. I Hope You Guys Like It & If Enough People Participate I Will Continue These Every Monday & Eventually Give Out Real Prizes To The 1st Place Winners & Maybe Some Runner Up Prizes As Well. Good Luck & Have Fun 💪🏽 ———————————— ———— Here Is This List ⬇️ : Level 1 🧭 (I Thought His Name Was BlackBeard 😂 But Its BlackHeart)

Fortnite: Battle Royale - 🚨 KaliiPlayz Scavenger Hunt 🤯 image 3

Rules : This Set Of Challenges Focuses On Using Your Compass. I Tried Keeping EveryThing In One Area For This Set To Make It Easier. It Must Be In The Correct Direction Stated Above, If It Is Not In The Area/Direction, I Found It In It Will Not Count. Use The Compass To Help You Find These Items. *Treasure Maps Are Scattered Across Lazy Lagoon So Make Sure You Take Your Time To Look For Them & Be CareFul Not To Destroy Them* ————————— Level 2 🔭

Fortnite: Battle Royale - 🚨 KaliiPlayz Scavenger Hunt 🤯 image 5

Rules : This Set Of Challenges Focuses On Taking A Picture From The Listed Elevated Point & Capturing A Picture Of The Listed Area. Climb/Rift Or However You Get Up There To Each High Point Listed & ScreenShot A Picture Of The Named Location(s) Next To It. *Paradise Palms Has 3 Tall Mountains Surrounding The Area. Choose One Of Your Liking.* *Your Photo For Polar Peak Must Include All Listed Locations Next To It.* —————————— Level 3 🕺🏽💃🏽

Fortnite: Battle Royale - 🚨 KaliiPlayz Scavenger Hunt 🤯 image 7

Rules: This Set Of Challenges Focuses On Remembering Where You Came From. At One Point EveryOne Was A Default Skin & Only Had The Default Dance. This Is Also To Pay Homage To The OG Locations Still Standing On The FortNite Island. *You Must Wear Your Default Skin (Default PickAxe & Glider Not Required) & You Can Only Use The Default Dance* *Fatal Fields Has 2 Trucks, Either One Is Fine* *Salty Springs Should Have A Red Truck Flipped On Its Side Directly In The Center* *Retail Row Should Have 2 Trucks In The Parking Lot. Choose One Of Your Liking* *If You Can Not Win A Game As A Default Skin, You Must Get 12 Kills As A Default. Not All In One Game, It Can Be 1 Kill In 12 Separate Games, 2 Kills In 6 Games. 3 Kills In 4 Games Just Get 12 Kills* *Also Those Who Don’t Get A Win, Will Come After Those Who Did* ————————————————————————————— If Anything Is Confusing Just Message Me And I Will Be More Than Happy To Clarify. ——————— ——— Follow Me To Get Notified When The Winners Are Posted. —————— ——— You Have Until 12:00pm/PST Tomorrow Too Complete/Find All Challenges. You Can Email Me Your ScreenShot (kaliiplayz99@gmail.com) Or Send Them To Me On Moot. You Must Include Your Moot User ID. All ScreenShots Must Be From Season 8 & Can Only Be Done In-Game (Not In PlayGround) All ScreenShots Must Include Storm Timer & Player Count. First 3 People Will Be Given A ShoutOut And Added To My Unofficial Moot Hall Of Fame 😎 Good Luck 🍀☺️ ————————————————————————— ShoutOut To _SpitFire64 For Letting Me Use His Idea 💪🏽💯 Y’all Go Show Him Some Love 🕺🏽 —————————— ————— To Spread Positivity, I’m Starting SomeThing Called 365 Days Of Positivity, Where I Post A Positive Quote/Message EveryDay For A Year. So Let’s Start With SomeThing Simple Today. Day 1 Of 365 : “Never Stop Chasing Your Dreams. Keep Your Head Held High & Don’t Let AnyOne Get In Your Way From Doing What You Love” -KaliiPlayz #365DaysOfPositivity ———————————— ———— 🗣 #PosiGANG ➕➕➕🤙🏽 🗣 #MootMafia 〽️⛽️💪🏽 Check My Page & Follow My Moot 🕺🏽 Your Follow Is Greatly Appreciated -Sincerely, KaliiTyb 🥓 “POSITIVE ENERGY & GOOD VIBES” 🤙🏽 Love Your Haters 🤙🏽

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