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FutureLeaf’s emote review 🍃 💃 👏 (The Return!)

That’s right EMOTE REVIEW IS BACK It took a while but I’m bringing it back, hope you guys enjoy this one This emote suggestion comes from Jerold. Check him out! Anyway, today we are reviewing the emote Dream Feet

Dream Feet is an emote that was released on April 12, 2019. This blue/rare dance can be obtained from the item shop for 500 vbucks Description: Get some boogie in your boots First released: April 12 Last released: April 12 Occurrences: 1 Now for the review Dream feet is a pretty good emote. It has some great moves and pretty good music. I rate this a 4/5 What do you guys rate this dance?

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What do you rate Dream Feet?

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(Poll staying for 3 days! Vote now!) Hope you guys liked this emote review. Tell me what dance I should do next! Until next time, lads and ladresses #leaf64 #mootmafia #emotereview

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