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Apr 14, 2019, 06:24 PM 291 read

Snyper's Action Shots Post 1

#MootMafia #SickPicSubmission #SnypersActionShots I was playing some Arena Duos with my friend on their OCE Servers (Yes, I was playing on 250-300 ping) We ended up coming in 3rd place so I decided to grab some pictures of the game. Here's the first batch of photos: Start of Game: Landing Location: Lucky Landing

Fast Forward to the Fighting Location: Racetrack Nearing End Game

Pause here at Mid-Game Stay Tuned for the next installment that is coming in the morning with the End-Game and Pre-Landing Photos Hope You Enjoy!! Don't forget to drop a Like and a Follow if you want to see more!! I appreciate and welcome ALL feedback (Positive or Negative) At 50 Followers I will post a reveal of my many pets in the house At 100 Followers I will post a Face Reveal

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