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Easy Method for Quick XP

Battle Royale
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Hello, Brainiac Xaz here, I might call myself that because as of now I am a Moot Mafia Brainiac! But you didnt come to here me brag, you just want a lot of XP for that Hybrid Stage. We all know you. This is my method of getting XP really fast and it's easy. 1. Get a full squad of friends with the Battle Pass Obviously, you want to cash in on as much XP as possible. So getting that small boost from friends is essential, this will work without friends but just boring and less effective. 2. Just play Team Rumble On average, a high kill win in T. R. can get you around 800 XP. This is quote a lot, but with the friend XP combined by your own can increase this to a little over 1,000 to like 1,300. Make sure you get a lot of kills, or just camp but that's boring. 3. Win and enjoy your XP That's it. I hope this method is useful, until the next post! #MootMafia

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