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Apr 13, 2019, 02:34 AM 275 read

✏️ Fortnite Drawing Contest Winners ✏️

I will not be active this weekend, and I know I said I’ll post the winners on Sunday, but I will not be home or really even online on anything, so I’ll just post them today. Also, not too many people submitted a drawing , but luckily it was enough to Choose 3 winners ( Keep an eye on your messages today for the people who’ve won) First is InkiShimo’s drawing. The amount of detail in this drawing is amazing! Shading pencil art is truly harder than it seems . Congrats Inki 💞 Be sure to check out her profile also

Next is TTV Banana Kris. He didn’t just draw the skin, but he also drew his favorite combo with the skin including the pickaxe and the backbling 💪💯 Check his profile out

Lastly, this Drawing was created by Rat. Hand drawing a Tomato man is definitely hard, so I definitely give you props to that 💪 (He doesn’t have a URL set up, so just search up “Rat” and you’ll find him)

Once again , congrats to everyone 💜✨ and I will send prizes shortly. #Queen64 #MootMafia

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