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Apr 4, 2019, 10:26 AM 271 read

⚠️ KaliTyb’s Return 🤗💪🏽

Battle Royale

For All My Current & Future Followers, I Will Be Returning To Moot Soon, Very Soon. Since I Left Moot Alot Has Been Going On (My Phone Is Still Broken BTW) & I Just Didn’t Have Time To Be Active On Moot As Much. But I Have Missed Being On Here. I Miss The Feeling Of Hitting The Featured Board & Updating You Guys With News About FortNite & Other Games. Getting 100’s Of Likes & Just Even Watching My Views Go Up.... But Back To Me Returning. I Will Be Back Probably Starting This Weekend (Or Monday 😂 Idk Yet) Since I Left I Started Streaming Recently & So Right Now I Need To Sit Down & Come Up With A Stream Schedule Which Includes Coming Back To Moot Bringing Not Only News Back But Interacting With You Guys & Some Fresh Original Stuff From My Self To The Moot Community & Bringing In You Guys To Be Apart Of It & Hopefully You Guys Will Like What I Come Back With. I Also Changed My Name To KaliiPlayz Because I Started Streaming If Any Body Was Wondering 🤷🏽‍♂️ Just Wanted To Let My Followers Know That I Haven’t Vanished In To Thin Air 😂🤷🏽‍♂️ && Also If AnyBody Wants To Support The Stream, I’m On Twitch & Omlet Arcade @KaliiPlayz. Follows Are Greatly Appreciated 😊

Fortnite: Battle Royale - ⚠️ KaliTyb’s Return 🤗💪🏽 image 2

(*I Decided To Post Here Because This Is Where I Gained My Followers But If Not Allowed, Just Notify Me, I Will Copy And Paste To The Correct Board And Lounge & Delete This One*) 🗣 #PosiGANG ➕➕➕🤙🏽 🗣 #MootMafia 〽️⛽️💪🏽 Check My Page & Follow My Moot 🕺🏽 Your Follow Is Greatly Appreciated -Sincerely, KaliiTyb 🥓 “POSITIVE ENERGY & GOOD VIBES” 🤙🏽 Love Your Haters 🤙🏽

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