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Add me vicious lazerz all lower case

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Add me on epic games: bubblydaddy69 if you wanna do duos or 1v1!


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My new favorite set up

This is my favorite set up rn, what do you guys think?

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Fortnite battle royal 👑

Follow me on TikTok and fortnite !

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My favorite skin combo that I’ve been using the last week 🥰💕✨

Here’s the sweet little cuddle team leader 🥰💕✨ most of you know that she’s a legendary skin, so she’s 2,000 vbucks and was first released on February 10th last year. She has been out 17 times since she was first released

Here we have the Goodie bag backbling which was a part of the Season 4 battle pass and it was rewarded by reaching Tier 55. It is part of the Sweet Tooth Set
This is the Bold Bar pickaxe . It’s an uncommon pickaxe (500 vbucks) that was only in the shop 2 times (that I remember) it’s honestly one of my favorite pickaxes
Here’s the Heartspan glider , you were able to have it if someone gifted it to you for free . Shoutout to my best friend for giving me the glider when it was Valentines Day ✨💕

Last part of the combo is the hearts Contrail, which was rewarded in Season 4 and reaching tier 68

#QueenDeku #CQK

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Please gift me ether

Anyone who gifts me ether I will gift something back to them and follow you and play with you

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Need help with wicks bounty

Can someone help me get the victory umbrella for wicks bounty I’m not that good

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Perfect Moonwalker Setup 🌑

Perfect Moonwalker Setup
- Moonwalker Skin (Season 3 Battlepass Tier 1)
- Hot Wing Backbling (Season 9 Sentinel Challenges)
- EVA Pickaxe (Season 3 Battlepass Level 46)
- Discovery Glider (Galaxy Promotion Bundle)
- Shooting Star Contrail (Season 4 Battlepass Tier 84)
- Jump Jet Emote (Collect 20 Fortbytes)
- Sentinel Wrap
(Season 9 Sentinel Challenges)

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Nauseous- clan tryouts

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My silenced pistol, lookout lol

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Why is everyone saying peelys dead he’s not

If you look peely smiles and blinks while In smoothie form which says he’s not dead, and in this future setting they could clone him or make the smoothie into a robot, and if you remember one of the loading screens last season had and army of peelys with one king peely so there are more than one if anything he others are hiding somewhere being creepy and stuff

#mysticmafia #datspicyboi #gotthehorsesintheback

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Haven’t played fortnite in a week does anyone know if gifting is back

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Profile Pictures 4

Here you go you all wanted it and I tried my best and again tried a new thing but it went horribly wrong but yeah they are finally done and i don’t usually ask for much so if you do use them please give me a shoutout. Also make sure to tell me if you like them and if I should make more

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Tonight is the day for the GEMINI horoscope. So it would only make sense for the "GEMINI" Skin to come out on may 19th. This being said let's make a bet if it doesnt come out tonight I will give something away.

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Can someone carry me to a win in John wicks bounty.... I am having trouble because I'm trash

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Anybody think fortnite should bring back the compact and pump

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Need help getting John wicke umbrella

Please someone help me get the John wicke umbrella. Someone who can carry me. I’m not bad I just want to get it and I’m having a hard time

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LV.25 Dream Chaser 36m


As you can see the blue and red version of the Gemini skin is a selectable style therefore it will be 2 skins in basically 1.

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Some one gift me scarlet defender pleasee

LV.2 Lurker 38m

Who has nog ops or soccer skin ?

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Wus good

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We know why but I still post this bc I can

Watch "Why the infinity sword was vaulted 😂" on YouTube

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Recruiting for Proffesional Esport team called redd.

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I need your thoughts.

i need some comments about if you enjoy season 9 or not? Like follow plz thanks

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The fortnite avengers

Is it just me or does iron Man in adventures look different from iron Man fortnit look a hawk he looks about to throw up

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My Locker

This is My entire locker

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Fortnite vehicle idea #2

LV.19 Switch 2h

Fortnite vehicle idea #1

LV.19 Switch 2h

DJ yonder is gone

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