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POPULAR Oh yeah copping when I get home 🔥🔥

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POPULAR I dropped this guy from 216m 🤯🤯

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POPULAR Fortbyte 72 Location Guide

Where To Find Fortnite’s Fortbyte #72 In Salty Springs (Location Map)

Another day, another new Fortbyte to find as well try to get enough pieces to unlock the season’s secret Utopia legendary skin in a few weeks. The latest piece of the puzzle is #72, which is “Found in Salty Springs.”
There have been a few location-based ones like these where all they give you is the named location and you have to do the rest. Salty Springs may not be the biggest location (I’m frankly survived it has survived all the map changes of the last few seasons as it’s a pretty dull zone comparatively these days), and it will require some searching unless you know exactly where to find it. Which I do.

You are going to want to head to the north, middle part of the zone, which is a pretty small space considering there are only like, six buildings here. You are not looking for Fortbyte #72 inside a building like you might expect, instead, you’re trying to find a red truck.
It’s right near the reboot van in the area, and it’s flipped on its side, the victim of some sort of accident, even though I never see anyone actually driving these cars around here. The piece is in the windshield of the knocked-over car, and you can grab it so long as you’re not in Creative Mode. I’m not exactly sure why Epic lets you find these in Creative without letting you take them, but it’s good for me to take screenshots I suppose.
Here’s a location map showing you the exact spot you’re going to in order to find the piece.
Salty is not exactly the hottest drop zone these days, but you could do worse than landing here at the start considering that at least it’s a named area and not in the middle of nowhere. The piece should be easy enough to grab and then you can gear up and go on to play a real game if you want rather than making it a special trip.

We will see where the next pieces fall this week, and we will keep pumping out guides and maps so you can find them in two seconds and don’t have to waste your time searching. See you tomorrow, same time, same channel.

If you need more help on this, go check out my leaked guide on this fortbyte here:

Source: https://www.bing.com/amp/s/www.forbes.com/sites/paultassi/2019/05/21/where-to-find-fortnites-fortbyte-72-in-salty-springs-location-map/amp/

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POPULAR Fortnite and Jordan Collab!!

Tomorrow we should see Micheal Jordan skins or just skins with the Jordan branding on them. There’s a slight chance at this being NBA related, but don’t count on it as the NBA logo is no where to be found.

Via GuilleGAG Twitter

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POPULAR Fav Skin Combo #39 ✨❗

I just recently bought this skin and I'm always using this setup. Tell me your opinions. ✨

I like chocolate milk,
-TheUglyCarti 🐰✨


Here's Waypoint {Masked variant} (1200 v-bucks)...
With the Reinforced Backplate (Cobalt starter pack; $5 USD)...
And the Cliffhanger axe (800 v-bucks)...
With the Blue Streak glider (PS Plus pack No.1)...
And then top it off with the All Star contrail (S3 BP T50).
***Extra Style points if you also have the Rivet wrap (300 v-bucks) and the Hand Signals emote (500 v-bucks).***

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POPULAR Today’s Item Shop

Here’s Today’s Shop👇

Rate Today’s Shop Here👇

I Rate Todays Shop 3 Stars. Nothing New Today But Some Pretty Good Items. Let Me Know Your Thoughts On Today’s Shop In The Poll And In The Comments!

- #J64

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This story is still developing. Details are still coming out. The story so far is below.

Tfue has most likely cut ties with FaZe as he is now suing them for the following reasons

And there is some evidence behind the alcohol part as there is a picture of FaZe Jarvis drinking who is underaged

FaZe released a response at around 4:30 PM EST

Do you think TFue is telling the truth? How do you think this will pan out. Is this just for him to get out of his contract? We have to wait.

Make sure to follow me as I’m almost at 500 where I’ll do a Q&A and maybe something else. Repost # 2 as no one viewed the last one.

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POPULAR Thank you...💕✨💯

I know, I just made a post about me taking a break. And I know I also said I'll stop posting gifts, but this truly hit my heart. I'm honestly glad that I have the people who are currently in my life. I love you Ally, I appreciate you endlessly. *closes curtains*


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POPULAR hiding in the bush

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POPULAR Anyone remember this glider?

I dont see anyone using this. I happen to have it and its probably my favorite glider (not including umbrellas). But does anyone remember this glider? I believe it came out with one of the ps plus packs. I really like this glider even though I dont use it much anymore.
Glider name: Flappy

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POPULAR My current stats via tracker network

Trn rating
My overall stats
Season 9 totals

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POPULAR Teknique Drawing - Requested By: @Levytation!

Hello everyone! I recieved a request to draw Teknique! Levytation was the mastermind behind this drawing asking for a crouching, dual pistol wielding, Teknique! I hope all of you guys love it! Gotta have that Teknique! Thank you for the idea @Levytation !!

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POPULAR Comment question of the day: What is your favorite fortnite skin?

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POPULAR Subscribe to https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnZHWz2SacxIhkT_yAGJhrQ and i hope you like my art

my youtube is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnZHWz2SacxIhkT_yAGJhrQ

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POPULAR Epic Ghoul Trooper Pictures

1. Flying In
2. Sit Down My Children
4. Drink UP
5. Laying Down By The Dock
6. Aim Down The Sights
7. Through The Moonlight

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POPULAR Imagine if this was an actual wrap 😭😭💕✨ this would be amazing

here’s the source of this photo h

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POPULAR Today’s Item Shop

Here’s Today’s Shop👇

Here Is The New Emote👇

Rate Today’s Shop Here👇

I Rate This Shop 4 Stars. Pretty Cool New Emote Today And We Have Some Good Daily Items Today. Let Me Know Your Thoughts On Today’s Shop In The Poll And In The Comments!

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POPULAR Guys rare picture of Peely and his family before he came to the fortnite BR

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POPULAR Fortbyte 22 Location Guide

Fortnite's Fortbyte #22 Location: 'Accessible By Using Rox Spray In An Underpass'
We’re getting there with Frotnite’sFortbytes: there’s still plenty to go in the season, but there are enough available now that the picture is starting to fill in. It’s obviously Jonesy in the bunker, but questions remain as we reveal not only the depths of the bearded default’s madness but the potential fate of Peely, the loyal companion that followed him into the vault but did not come out. There are many more mysteries yet to be had here, I’m sure, but to solve them we’re going to need to keep collecting these here Fortbytes, one at a time. Read on for a map, guide and location for Fortbyte #22 “Accessible by Using Rox Spray in an Underpass”.

This is similar to the “Rock Love” Fortbyte from last week, and it’s the second such Fortbyte we’ve had so far. It’s pretty simple, just like the first one: the trick is knowing where the underpass is. There are two in the game, to my knowledge: one is now full of lava and not good for a whole lot besides camping, and the other one is where we’re going to go to get Fortbyte 22. It’s in Neo Tilted, towards the center. Here’s where you’re going:
You’re going to the corner on the western side of the underpass: you should see the locked Fortbyte floating in the air right there. To collect it, just use your Rox spray anywhere in the general area and it will unlock. You get the Rox spray at level 5 of the battle pass, so this shouldn’t be a problem for anyone who’s in the mix this season. Here’s what it looks like on the ground:
If you’re doing this one this morning, you’ll likely be able to identify the location by all the other Rox sprays in the area, like I was able to. This isn’t the most straightforward of these, mostly because this isn’t the first thing I think of when I hear “underpass” in Fortnite, but like all of these location-based challenges, it’s pretty straightforward once you know where you’re going. Check back for more tomorrow.

Source: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.forbes.com/sites/davidthier/2019/05/19/fortnite-fortbyte-22-location-accessible-by-using-rox-spray-in-and-underpass/amp/

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POPULAR Fortbyte 72 Location Guide -LEAK

*Please Note This Fortbyte Is Not Available To Collect Yet, This Is A Leak*

Fortbyte # 72 - Found Within Salty Springs

Find out how to complete the upcoming "Found Within Salty Springs" challenge and unlock Fortbyte # 72 in this guide. This includes the condition, Fortbyte location, and more!
Fortbyte # 72 - Found Within Challenge Overview
Found Within Salty Springs - Summary
A Fortbyte has found its way into Salty Springs and it's not quite as hidden as expected. Head on over to this peaceful suburbs to find Fortbyte # 72.

Fortbyte # 72 - Salty Springs Location

Map Location
The small town of Salty Springs is located south of Dusty Divot and North of Fatal Fields.

Bird's Eye View
On the west side of the town is an overturned truck. Head there to find the Fortbyte.

Close Up
Take a peak inside the overturned Truck to see the Fortbyte on the driver's seat. Claim it and it will be added to your progress!

All Forbyte Challenges Location Map
A New Fortbyte challenge is released every day throughout Season 9! Uncover the secrets of the island by collecting them all and solving the puzzle behind the Fortbytes.

Source: https://gamewith.net/fortnite/article/show/9103

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POPULAR Sick Pic’s #9 🌸

Check Out My Most Recent Sic Pic !


Why Hello 👋 There Fellow Battle Bus Enthusiasts !

It’s Me ...

Your Banana King


Fine I Have Free Bananas For Everyone Who Cheers


Ah Yes , Music To My Ears ....

Now Then

What Is That You Want Have Your Replay Mode Picture Showcased In Sick Pics ?

Well You Can

All Ya Gotta Do Is Follow These Steps !


1) Take Or Find A Super Cool Sick Looking Picture !

2) Make A Post Including That Very Picture

3) Make Sure To Use #SickPicSubmission So Your Photo Has A Chance Of Entering !

Well That Is All For My Speech

Time To See The Pictures !



Meow ... Lynx ! (Klara)

This Is What I Call A Sick Pic ! It’s Sooooo Well Taken , With The Particles and Yellowish Color In The Background It Just Makes It Look A Phenomenal Photo !


Ready To Boogie (TheUglyCarti)

Technique Is Obviously Ready To Boogie Tho She Could’ve Just Danced Instead Of Grafting Some Walls Which Is A Felony ... Tisk Tisk But The Photo Is Cool So Which Makes Up For It


One Shot

She Got One Shot , She Got Her Target , All Se Got Left To Do Is Shoot , And Not Miss Of Course That Would Be Quite Embarrassing 😂


Flippin Sky High (TheUglyCarti)

This Is A Old Photo , But A Classic. TheUglyCarti Used To Main This Skin .... 😔 Sadly He Doesn’t But He Still is Flipping On Cars Which Is Probably Another Felony


Rough Road

This Photo Is Hilarious , Num Skulls Be Bouncin While Driving Cars Like Seriously Guys ... Y’all Gonna Go To Jail One Day ... It’s Worth It Because It’s A Nice 👍 Pic



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POPULAR Perfect Lucky Rider Setup 🍀

Perfect Lucky Rider Setup
- Lucky Rider Skin (1,500 Vbucks)
- Wolfpack Backbling (Season 6 Battlepass Tier 100)
- Angular Axe Pickaxe (500 Vbucks)
- Cruiser Glider (Season 5 Battlepass Tier 7)
- Clovers Contrail (Season 8 Battlepass Tier 21)
- Lucky Wrap (300 Vbucks)
Total Cost: 2,300 Vbucks

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POPULAR Which one are you?

I'm the one that always gets hurt

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POPULAR Let’s talk battle royale and maps

Battle royales have been in the spotlight for awhile now, and people either have no complaints or a lot.
Just like any game mode, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea...but let’s face it....the tea is in high demand!

I can’t help but to look at how these battle royale games are treating the genre so far...
There is so much innovation but yet...so little.
It’s as if these dev companies are scared to test something new in a battle royale setting.

The biggest opportunity I see, is maps. So let’s taco bout it.

Fortnite has been one of the best in keeping ONE map interesting than any game I’ve known. Its really hard to keep a single map interesting and obtain the players interest for as long as they have....
But that’s the thing. It’s just ONE map. There is no other map. It evolves, I get that...subtle changes to a few areas every season.
But when the hype dies down...people still land in their desired locations they call home and the changed areas may not even get looked at again.

Fortnite is the best in adding fresh content and updating their maps the most out of every BR and I appreciate that, but I can’t help to wonder, what if their was more than one locational map? Let it cycle. That’s where PUBG comes in.

They were the first to introduce an entire new map from the original...Miramar.
The original map Erangel went on to hold the spotlight for a long time, but had little to no changes in evolution. Instead, pubg said give the players a choice in maps, thus, reducing the maintenance on map changes and updates.

One should wonder what is more cost effective, updating one map, or just cranking out an entire new one?
Probably a long term/ short term deal, but which is more interesting to players?
Does a player want an entire different map after every game? Do they want to stick with the same map due to knowing it better? Do they pick favorites? Do they want a choice? There are a lot of moving parts in determining that. It’s very opinionated as well.
Then PUBG releases 2 more maps! So they total 4 now and my understanding is the last 2 maps are pretty successful additions.

This is my game as of late. Been playing it an awful lot. They too have a single map. It evolves like fortnite, but not as quick.
Their latest operation as they call it, waterworks spectre thing, changed the entire middle of the map from one corner down to another corner, flooding the entire thing.
This was cool, but I found myself hating the water as I walked in it and avoiding it at all cost. This slightly changed my movement, but I still land in the same locations.
They added more buildings to some areas, which is nice for the increased loot.
But part of me really wishes they would add a second battle royale map...I think it would work for this game. The only issue, is they have SO MUCH to focus on:

That’s a lot to ask from a Dev team and a lot of money needed to keep all 3 sections updated with fresh content.
Maybe if they didn’t take so long with this last update and made a few other big changes like that, I would feel different?
But either way, to keep the players in blackout, they need to do large updates more often to change the landscape like fortnite to compete, or add another map to keep the desire to play.

Have they done anything at all?
They have added what? One new character?
What about the map? Still the same? No changes?


Anyway, leave your thoughts and summons in the comment section.
Drop a follow for future posts like this.

Let’s discuss.

Wizard out 🧙🏼‍♂️✌🏼

#fortnitediscussion #battleroyalediscussion #fortnitenews

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POPULAR When there are no leaks to post...

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POPULAR YOU vs The guy she tell you not to worry about 😂😂😂

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POPULAR Spraying up the city... 🤩✨❗ (Teknique Showcase *with various sprays*)

This showcase is inspired by Jellybean and the Teknique showcase she did a while back. Be sure to go show her love while she's on break. Hope you all enjoy. ✨

Lots of lettuce,
-TheUglyCarti 🐰✨❗
#RamirezGang #SickPicSubmission

The Setup I used for this showcase:
•Teknique (S4 BP T23)
•Dark Bag (Dark Bomber's BB; 1200 v-bucks)
•Skully Splitter {Default variant} (Skully's axe; 800 v-bucks)
•Wet Paint (S4 win umbrella)
•Spray Paint contrail (S4 BP T36)

verified LV.27 Mod