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POPULAR Do It To 'Em 🎃

verified LV.24 Chicken Dinner
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LV.15 Xbox
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My theory on the "last stop" mission

Fortnite added a mission called last stop and we get a loading screen that shows drift brite bomber jonesy a girl default the cuddle team leader and skull trooper. But thats not all, jonesy and cuddle team leader are waving goodbye to the battle bus. So my theory is....that season X is the last season and that fortnite ends here, that the storyline ends here. Think about it, why would jonesy and cuddle team leader be waving goodbye to the battle bus? What do you guys and gals think? Plus if it does end here....i might as well cry...

LV.21 Epic
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4 Live events together + monster revival

There are four Live events happening together on,13 October which will change the fortnite map forever. The live events together will be called the end in which the visitor rocket launch, 0 point explosion, meteorite crash , cube reviving the cattus monster and a new map

LV.6 Nomad
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POPULAR First solo win

LV.3 Lurker

112 subs and almost 3000 view in 2 months from 15 videos // #fortnite #gaming Channels link below ⬇️

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POPULAR My Fortnite Collab Skin Collection! 😊

John Wick - Fortnite x John Wick 3
Batman - Fortnite x Batman
Batman (Dark Knight) - Fortnite x Batman
Star Lord - Fortnite x Avengers Endgame
Clutch - Fortnite x Jumpman
Galaxy - Fortnite x Samsung
Grind - Fortnite x Jumpman
Honor Guard - Fortnite x Honor
iKonik- Fortnite x iKon/Samsung
Major Lazer - Fortnite x Major Lazer
Marshmello - Fortnite x Marshmello
Psycho Bandit - Fortnite x Borderlands 3
Spike - Fortnite x NFL
Trailblazer - Fortnite x Twitch
Wonder - Fortnite x Honor
Demogorgon - Fortnite x Stranger Things
Which Fortnite collab skin is your favorite? Comment below! 👇

verified LV.24 Chicken Dinner
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POPULAR Family Squads ✨🙏💪

Me and my 3 Brothers ✨✨

verified LV.35 Master

a edit

easily one if my favorite fortnite edits that i’ve done so far, i’m not a big editor so i’m still learning

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POPULAR Help me I'm scared I dont wanna count up All maa skins idk how mutch I have 🤣🤣😂😂

But here's my locker

Purple 💜

LV.26 Nightmare
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POPULAR Red Roses 🌹 (Ruby Showcase)

1.) Flying In
2.) Mad Thirsty
3.) Gotcha
That's all! I'll be coming back with more content and I wont leave you guys like I did before!

LV.20 Rare Candy
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My Jonesy Skin Collection!🧑🏼(So Far..)

Jonesy is definitely my favorite skin model. Here's all my Jonesy Skins/Disguises:
- Chomp Sr.
- Crackshot
- Dire
- Fallen Love Ranger
- Frozen Love Ranger
- Love Ranger
- Moisty Merman
- Molten Battlehound
- Rex
- The Visitor
- Warpaint
- Dark Jonesy
- Alpine Ace (Canada)
- Bunker Jonesy
- Burnout
- Marshmello
- Merry Marauder
- Mission Specialist
- Nite Nite
- Noire
- Rogue Agent
- Rust Lord
- Skull Trooper
- Sledgehammer
- X Lord
- Frontier
- Pillar
- Recon Scout
- Sash Sergeant
- Cabbie
- Hayseed
- King Flamingo
- Red-Nosed Ranger
- Snakepit
- Star Spangled Ranger
I did a lot of googling to find out which masked skins are Jonesy. If there's any masked Jonesy skins I missed, please let me know in the comments and I might be able to add more to my collection. Thank you!

verified LV.24 Chicken Dinner
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Peek Snipe 👌

verified LV.24 Chicken Dinner
Battle Royale

Battle of the pistol r1 d1

Battle of the explosive winner
Boom bow

Top 4 will move on

verified LV.28 Super Star

POPULAR 🍍🏹Sweetness at its finest

LV.21 Mob
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POPULAR Fabulous Espionage... 💕✨❗(Shadow Ops Showcase)


#SkinShowcase #SickPicSubmission

verified LV.31 Mod
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POPULAR All defaults listen

I will be helping people get there first wins or first win of this season I will start getting people there wins tommrow but you to add me my epic is zanestar12345678
So add me up and let's get a win

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POPULAR Y do ppl say i spend to much money on this game?

LV.25 Shadow

POPULAR rate my loadout (scale 1-10) ft. glow 🔮

(yes, i know my teammates were dying)

LV.20 Rootin Tootin
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POPULAR I Think This Skin Gets Attention

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TheUglyCarti's Locker Showcase PT 2 ✨❗

Umm...yee yee... ✨

verified LV.31 Mod
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POPULAR Creeper Awww Man

My Girlfriend made this 😘

LV.21 GG
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(It's not real)

But seriously this Is a screenshot that I took but I just changed the name on the pic to Ms. Fighter because my old name was Ms. Gamer girl so I had to change it and if you're wondering who that really is it's a guy that somehow changed his name to ninja so yes this is a real screenshot. The only thing I changed was my name so you guys could believe me and sorry if this story is confusing. I did my best!

LV.23 Fearless
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POPULAR My best season 5 snipe

LV.19 Candy!
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Late night clips?

I’ll just leave this here before I go to sleep, enjoy ☺️

LV.23 Dream Chaser
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POPULAR Adorable but deadly... ☠️💕✨(Skully Showcase)

She cute, and she dangerous... 🤤💕✨

#SkinShowcase #SickPicSubmission

verified LV.31 Mod
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POPULAR Still looking for a clan

LV.19 Big Chungus
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Actually Goated


LV.22 PlayStation
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Skin Combo #21 ❄️ 🌨 🧚‍♀️

Hello everybody! I haven’t uploaded in awhile, I’ve been a little preoccupied with my Moot POTG Contests... speaking about that the winners of Week 7 will be posted soon, but I thought I might just throw out there a nice Skin Combo I’ve been thinking about! Enjoy!


Frozen Red Knight


Glimmer Cloak




Snowflake Umbrella




Indigo Ice


Thank you 🙏




verified LV.28 Mod