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POPULAR Who miss season 4 😭

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POPULAR Memes #35

I haven’t done this in awhile

I’m sorry

don’t hurt me


When They Vault Pump


When You See Leaks Saying They Will Unvault This Pumps


When There At 1 Hp and They Leave In A Slipstream


When Your Trying To Use A Shotgun Then Someone Pulls Up With A Drum Gun


Comba Shotguns In A Nutshell




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POPULAR Enjoying the LTM? I am! >.<

Im having much much fun in the new LTM! Haha. <3

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POPULAR Why Tfue will win his lawsuit (kind of) and not get any money from it

I'm sure by now most of you have heard about the drama between Tfue and FaZe Clan. Tfue claims that his contract was so bad that it should be illegal, and that under the terms of the contract FaZe can take up to 80% of his earnings. FaZe Clan denies these allegations, saying that they have only taken 20% of his earnings. Recently Tfue's contract was leaked, which shows that for varying things, FaZe Clan and Tfue split revenue either 20/80, 50/50, or 80/20, depending on what it is. Now that we got all the details out of the way, let's see what will happen with this lawsuit.
The simple fact of the matter is that Tfue signed a legally binding contract. Although some parts of the contract may not be recognized by the court that doesn't mean that the entire contract is void. The main aspect of the contract that the courts are likely to throw out is what's called a "non-compete clause." A non-complete cause means that if Tfue and FaZe were to part ways, Tfue would not be able to work as a professional gamer for 6 months. There is well established precedent in California courts that non-complete causes like this are illegal, so this will almost certainly be thrown out.
Now we get into the tricky stuff. For most activities, the contract states that FaZe Clan is eligible for 50% of Tfue's earnings. FaZe claims they have only taken 20%. Just because FaZe has only taken 20% so far doesn't mean that they can't later come to claim the remaining 30%. This is what Tfue's legal team will be trying to prevent. In other words, Tfue is sitting on all the money he's earned; this legal battle isn't to get money back that FaZe has taken, it's to prevent FaZe from taking any money in the first place.
Here's where things get tricky. Recent reports have come out saying that FaZe offered Tfue a better contract with "a 7-figure salary and 0% commission for anything." This means they offered Tfue a minimum of $1 MILLION per year AND allowed Tfue to keep 100% of his earning. Tfue declined the contract.
That seems like the dream contract for a professional gamer, so why would Tfue decline a contract like that? Well, if the rumors are to be believed, it turns out that Tfue is trying to start his own esports organization. If these claims are true, this will not bode well for Tfue in court. It makes it clear that he has no issues with the terms of his contract, but rather with the length of his contract (3 years). He wants to capitalize on his popularity while its at an all time high because he knows that he would be able to attract many big name gamers to his organization. If these rumors are true, the courts are gonna have none of it. Contracts exist for a specified period for a reason.
You can think about this with conventional sports like UFC. If a fighter is under contract it doesn't mean they have to fight, it simply means that they can't fight for a different organization until they have fulfilled their contractual obligations to the UFC. Tfue's situation will be very similar. He doesn't have to stream and advertise FaZe Clan, but until he has fulfilled his contractual obligations (3 years) he can't start streaming and advertising a different, competing organization.
I hope this clears up some of the Tfue situation and gives some insight into what is likely to happen. I know this was pretty long post and I tried to minimize any legal jargon but feel free to let me know if you have any questions or if there's anything I can explain better. Let me know down below what you think of this whole crazy situation!

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POPULAR So you guys know I do a series called Revamp-it and its just all for jokes and fun

I'm doing a contest and basically use the hashtag Revamp-it and I will pick one lucky winner and the rules are

1. Must have at least 3 skins that you are dissing on

2.must have the hashtag Revamp-it

3. 2 week deadline

4. Must include a pic with the actual name

5. Check out this post to see basically what you have to do. Ps check the last one its a great diss https://moot.us/lounges/8/boards/39/posts/1271937

NOW go get some inspiration and dis on these skins like you've never dissed before!

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POPULAR Downtown Drop Challenge Guide #4

'Fortnite' Downtown Drop Challenge: Where To Find Jonesy In The Sewer
Fortnite has released another set of challenges for its Jumpman Downtown Drop LTM, and one of them asks players to find Jonesy in the sewers of the coin-filled map.

Before I saw this challenge I hadn’t even realized there were sewers on this map, but there are a couple, in fact, but only one of them contains the Jonesy cardboard cutout you’re looking for to complete this challenge. And once you know where he is, it’s almost impossible to miss.
You are looking for the sewer opening that’s the lead image at the top of this article. This is actually the second sewer hole you will come across on the map, as the first one that you see earlier on from the starting line will not take you to Jonesy. This one is actually I think three turns into the map, down the hill just past the two food trucks that you were supposed to dance between for another challenge a few days ago.

Once you see the sewer, pop down into it and you will find yourself on a track that you really can’t get off of. You will get a number of coins doing this, and after a few turns the sewer will run you directly into Jonesy himself.
Be careful. When I was trying to take screenshots of this, I actually got stuck in this area you can see below, as I slid off the side and it was pretty hard to recover. I had to use like ten impulse nades to get me unstuck, so just go as fast as you can through this and don’t stop, so hopefully this won’t happen to you.
I tried to take a screenshot of Jonesy at the end like six times but it goes so fast (once you hit Jonesy you are spit out of the sewer) that I had to use a still from YouTube instead to show you what I’m talking about:
I am still trying to process how I feel about this LTM overall. It’s kind of fun but the physics for it are just…not there. It constantly feels like you’re sliding on ice which more disorienting than enjoyable, and I think there’s some work to be done before Epic decides to build any more Sonic the Hedgehog-like race tracks like this in the future. Still, I like the idea of an LTM being in Creative Mode for a cross promotion deal like this.
Your reward from this challenge is the GOAT spray below.

Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/paultassi/2019/05/24/fortnite-downtown-drop-challenge-where-to-find-jonesy-in-the-sewer/#31532d7b72ce

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POPULAR Fortbyte 41 Location Guide

'Fortnite' Fortbyte #41 Location: Accessible By Using The Tomatohead Emoticon Inside Durrr Burger
Fortnite’s new Fortbye today, #41, is an interesting one, as it is essentially using you as a vehicle to trash talk in the ever-present Durrr Burger/Pizza Pit rivalry in the game. The challenge says that the Fortbyte is accessing by using the Tomatohead Emoticon inside the Durrr Burger restaurant.

The Tomatohead Emoticon (I honestly forgot emoticons were even a thing) is just at tier 3 of this season’s paid Fortnite battle pass, so you should almost certainly have it by now. You equip it like you would an emote and then head to a game. Playground will not work for this and will not even get the Fortbyte to appear.
You are looking for the newly revamped super Durrr Burger, which is now the tallest building in Neo Tilted, complete with holographic mascot. It’s pretty hard to miss.
But after this, the challenge gets a little tricky. You can’t just use the emote anywhere in the store, you have to go to one specific place which will unlock the Fortbyte.
When you go inside the main entrance, if you hop over the counter, and make your way to the back right of the kitchen, you will see a counter and a fryer and the hologram of where Fortbyte #42 will be. You use the emote right in front of it and then it will appear so you can collect it. I did this with about five other people at the exact same time and everyone was cool about letting us collect it and we all had a little dance party afterward. In about twenty seconds someone came and murdered us all, however, because of course that would happen.
This is probably one of the easier Fortbytes to get because it doesn’t require a ton of exploration and it’s inside literally the biggest building on the map outside of the castle. I wonder if we are going to be asked use a Durrr Burger emoticon inside Pizza Pit down the road, as that now seems likely. Can’t these two ever just work things out. So far that does not appear to be the case.
See you out there, I am missing a few pieces from the last few days, so I’m off to go collect those and try to catch up.

Source: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.forbes.com/sites/paultassi/2019/05/24/fortnite-fortbyte-41-location-accessible-by-using-the-tomatohead-emoticon-inside-durrr-burger/amp/

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POPULAR Lol i love it 💕

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POPULAR Season 9 Week 3 Challenges ***Deal damage to an opponent within 10s after using a Slipstream

Free Challenges:
Stage 1 of 3: Land a trick with a Driftboard (1)
- Stage 2 of 3: Get 3s of airtime in a Quadcrasher (3)
- Stage 3 of 3: Destroy opponent structures with a vehicle (3)
Search chests at Lonely Lodge or Polar Peak (7)
Deal damage to an opponent within 10s after using a Slipstream (200)
****For this challenge you need to simply find one of the 3 slipstream tracks, located in the air tunnels surrounding Mega Mall, Neo Tilted and the larger one between them and glide around in it.
When you see an enemy, hop out ASAP and deal 200 damage and you'll have completed this challenge. It's not very complicated!
Battle Pass Challenges:
Stage 1 of 3: Visit Happy Hamlet and Shifty Shafts in a single match (2)
- Stage 2 of 3: Visit Sunny Steps and Happy Hamlet in a single match (2)
- Stage 3 of 3: Visit Haunted Hills and Salty Springs in a single match (2)
Throw the Flying Disc toy and catch it before it lands (1)
Explosive Weapon Eliminations (3)
Deal damage with different weapons in a single match (5)

LV.22 Let’s play Fortnite!

POPULAR Oh Ma Goddddd!!! I won!

First season nine 5 kill victory! YAY! (i know u sweats out there already got a win... but still...yay!)

LV.12 Try Hard

POPULAR Fortnight

Like if you think it is cool.

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POPULAR I found a liljellybean imposter


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Looking for Group

POPULAR I just need help with the Challenges for Grind & Clutch

I just need help with the Challenges for Grind & Clutch

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POPULAR Reaction Gif Contest #23

Over 1,000 coins in prizes!
React to this post with your best reaction gifs:
"The REAL Reason Why the Pump Shotgun was Vaulted"
Is it conspiracy or is RocketHops on to something? We've seen a lot of theories about the reasoning behind Epic's balancing of Fortnite, but this is certainly an interesting one that theorizes on a macro level rather than looking at each individual change. What do you think, is this a deliberate cycle that will never end, or is it merely a coincidence and cherry-picked evidence? Let me know your thoughts about Fortnite's meta shifts with your best reaction gifs below! Winners will be revealed next week, good luck!
Full post here:
Congratulations to the winners of last week's contest! Miron95 took home first place with an amazing gif! FutureLeaf and Squizzle both secured runners-up honors! Also a special shout out to Jerold for being the creator of this week's featured post!
(PRIZES: Creator 500 coins, 1st place 500 coins, Runners-up 100 coins each)

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POPULAR Season 9 Week 3 Battle Star Location Guide

'Fortnite' Season 9, Week 3: Where To Find The Hidden Battle Star In The Loading Screen

Each week, Epic Games rewards players for completing all seven weekly challenges with a special loading screen. Complete all seven, you get the loading screen and there's some sort of clue hidden within. This week, there's a hidden Battle Star worth an entire Battle Pass Tier.
You can see all of Week 3's challenges and how to solve them here.

Alright, so here's this week's loading screen:
So that's undeniably adorable—one of the most adorable loading screens in Fortnite, quite frankly. The little puppies, the sloth guy. Too cute.
The question is, what does it point to? Where's the clue? How do you figure out where to find the Season 9, Week 3 hidden Battle Star?

Well, the secret is to look very closely at the scribbling and graffiti on the wall. Let's magnify that, shall we?
As you can see (or maybe not) this is a pile of cars with the Battle Star on top. Now the question becomes, where does one locate a pile of junkers?
The answer is simple: Junk Junction, of course.
Specifically, you can find the pile of junker automobiles on the south side of Junk Junction next to the gate:
Climb, hop or build your way to the top and you'll find the Battle Star. Interact with it and go up a full Battle Pass Tier. That gets you closer to the Tier 100 skin, Vendetta, and to whatever the Utopia Challenge prize is.
In any case, best of luck with the Week 3 challenges!

Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/erikkain/2019/05/23/fortnite-season-9-week-3-where-to-find-the-hidden-battle-star-in-the-loading-screen/#1ea5953d73e3

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POPULAR Downtown Drop Challenge Guide #2

'Fortnite' Downtown Drop Challenge Guide: Where To Find Jonesy Hidden Behind A Fence
Downtown Drop is live in Fortnite: Battle Royale as part of the Fortnite X Jordan event, and it’s totally different from anything you’ve played in this game before. It’s like a skateboarding game with no skateboards, where you zoom down a constantly changing track trying to collect gold coins and, in my experience, just figure out what’s going on. It also comes with its own set of challenges, so you’ll want to complete those in order to get all those sweet cosmetics we all like so much. Many of the challenges ask you to find Jonesy in odd places, reminding us all of what this sweet, innocent battler looked like before he was locked in that bunker for who knows how long. Read on for a guide on where to find Jonesy behind a fence.

Normally this is the part of the guide where I’d put in a map, but that’s not really going to work here. So here’s what you’re going to do: go down the slide like normal, and hug the left-hand side of the course. You’re going to go down the first straightaway, around the corner, down another straightaway, and around another corner. So that’s two corners, count them: two. After that, keep hugging the left-hand side of the course. You’re going to see a sort of makeshift fence going down an alleyway, and you’re going to want to slam your character right into that fence: otherwise you’ll likely need to go around the whole course again. Here’s what you’re looking for:
Hitting that will send you flying into a little enclosed area with a cutout of Jonesy in front of some pipes: just going in here will fulfill the challenge. Here’s what he looks like:
Getting out is actually pretty tricky: this mode always wants you to be moving in a certain direction, and in this case, it’s not the direction you want to be going in. So you’re going to need to make clever use of impulse grenades if you want to blast yourself back through the door to keep going, but don’t worry: the challenge will be completed regardless. If you want a crash course in the bizarre physics at play here, this is as good a chance as any.

Source: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.forbes.com/sites/davidthier/2019/05/22/fortnite-downtown-drop-challenge-guide-where-to-find-jonesy-hidden-behind-a-fence/amp/

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POPULAR Fortnite Update - v9.10

According to the patch notes, the headline new feature is the addition of brand new Hot Spots.

These are described as "randomly selected locations on the map that have a high loot rate with an increase of Supply Drops".

The Hot Spots contain Loot Carriers, which can be shot down for higher quality weapons.

As previously reported, the update also makes big changes to the game's audio.

Check out the full list of 9.10 patch notes.

Weapons and Items

Shadow Bombs

• Reduced availability from floor loot from .835% to .677%

• Reduced availability from chests from 4.65% to 3.98%

• Reduced drop count from 3 to 2.

• Shadow Bombs have seen a lot of late-game use, and we wanted to encourage risk vs. reward when picking the item up. By leaving maximum stack size the same & reducing availability, the item’s potential remains the same but swapping a spot for it early on is riskier.

• Unvaulted Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle

• Available in Vending Machines, Chests, and Floor Loot

• Available in Uncommon and Rare variants

• Since the Thermal Rifle and Scoped Revolver have both recently been vaulted, this week we wanted to bring back an oldie but goodie to round out the medium/long-range item line-up.

Combat Shotgun

• Reduced the availability from floor loot from 2.015% to 1.409%

• Reduced the availability from chest loot from 2.183% to 1.846%

• When compared to other items of similar rarity, the Combat Shotgun was dropping a bit too frequently. This change will put it closer in line with other items.

Bug Fixes

• Dropping part of a consumable item stack no longer interrupts using the consumable.

• Shadow Bombs correctly leave the players inventory when no charges are left.

• Shadow Bombs are consumed properly when quickly picking up a replacement item during activation.

• Combat Shotgun now applies appropriate environmental damage falloff.

• Ability to move is no longer lost if Rift-to-go was used with Balloons.

• The Bush now correctly attaches to players in specific animations, such as skydiving.

• Resolved inconsistent behavior while using Flint-Knock pistol during crouch.

• Air vent audio is now correctly removed upon on destruction.

• Boogie Bombs now properly prevent affected players from skydiving.

• Camera issues when exiting a Mounted Turret have been resolved.

• Remote Explosives will now open and close with doors they are stuck to.


• Introducing Hot Spots!

• Every match, select named locations will be marked in gold text on the map.

• These Hot Spots represent the presence of Loot Carriers. Shoot down the carriers for additional high-quality weapons.

• Minimum of one Hot Spot

• 25% chance for 2 Hot Spots

• 5% chance for 3 Hot Spots

Loot Carriers

• Loot Carriers drop a weapon of Rare or higher quality along with two stacks of ammo.

• Hot Spots will have between 12 and 16 Loot Carriers depending on the size of the location.

• Equipping the blueprint to start building has improved in high latency situations.

• Added crosshair dot while skydiving to allow for more precise map marking.

Bug Fixes

• Fixed an issue with auto material swap canceling turbo build if the client can’t predict the material amount quick enough.

• Updated Environmental and Cozy Campfire Trap collision to better allow players to walk over campfires.

• Players can no longer fire/reload weapons while reviving a DBNO teammate.

• Contrails are no longer stuck on the player if they dropped from the bus directly into a Slipstream.


Bug Fixes

• Fixed a regression in level streaming performance introduced in v9.0. This should significantly improve loading times for buildings, and reduce instances of players landing on low-LOD meshes.

• Reduced hitches shortly after landing, especially on lower-end hardware (e.g Switch)


• Improved enemy jump sounds.

• Reduced the time that it takes the enemy in-air audio loop to kick on, for better awareness of an enemy dropping in on you from above.

• Boosted the volume of nearby footsteps and landing sounds of enemies not in line of sight.

• Tighter spatialization of close-range pickaxe sounds from other players.

• Added clearer sound when an enemy confirms an edit on a building piece within ~2 tiles of your position.

• Removed glider audio tell for players traveling through a Slipstream.

• Your emote music is now prioritized over other players emotes in the front-end.

• Emote music is now full stereo when in the front-end.

• Added a new Headshot + Shield Break sound, for when the two events occur at the same time.

• Lowered the minimum velocity required to trigger a landing sound

Bug Fixes

• Walking up on the edge of a building piece plays correct material specific footstep audio.

• Enemy pickaxe sound now plays correctly from impact point and not from player using the pickaxe.

• The Boom Bow’s fire sound has been fixed to not cut off when switching weapons immediately after shooting.

• Firing weapons no longer lowers building sounds.


• Changed “Return To Lobby” to “Leave Match”.

• Adjusted the “damage” color when taking shield damage back to an increased-contrast version of the original.

• The intent is increased readability of current shield value immediately after taking damage, but red was causing players to believe they were taking more damage than they were.

Bug Fixes

• Party Leaders who left their party’s current match could start a new match and take the entire party with them.

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POPULAR Cosmetic Combo Wars!! (1)


So I’m going to be doing something called called Cosmetic Combo Wars

Which I will explain in (short) version to spare y’alls time...

So here it is

I want you to make a Sick Cosmetic combo in your Fortnite locker,

So Skin and BackBling but you’ll also need to include an Emote

What do you mean include an emote?

Well I want your guys and girls submissions to be taken from Replay Mode, and have your persons doing an emote to make your picture look more FaNtAsTiC✨

so that’s what I want you guys to do

Just make a Post with your submissions and use the hashtag

I’ll be checking for some Submissions in a Couple Days



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POPULAR Fortnite News - Update on Polar Peak Melting 5/22/19

Recently, a giant door of ice has appeared in the side of polar peak. It is becoming more and more transparent and we anticipate an event where the wall will melt and players will be able to go inside. Currently, there are small dragon-like sounds every so often followed by a little smoke and shown in the picture above. Players anticipate that after the event is over, polar peak will come crashing down and break through the ice at Greasy Grove. Thoughts?

Image credit to Happy Power

LV.16 Dragon

POPULAR 🔥🔥Omg you guys me and YT_FrozenYetiTv got our first Ltm win in wick's bounty👍😎👊.🔥🔥

🔥We both got 1 for the price of 2 umbrella gliders at the exact same time.🔥Pretty much we killed 2 birds with one stone.🔥
Thank you so much bro for your help.🔥That win was lit!🔥

LV.22 Bamboozled

POPULAR Fortnite


LV.7 Let’s play Fortnite!

POPULAR Thanks to FaZe #irezidualkiing for the battlepass

He recently held a giveaway for the battlepass and I ended up winning huge thanks to him!

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POPULAR Downtown Drop Challenge Guide

‘Fortnite’ Downtown Drop Challenge: Where To Dance Or Emote Between Two Food Trucks
Just as soon as the John Wick event ended, Fortnite is already back at it with yet another sponsored event, though this time, with a twist.

Fortnite’s collaboration with Jordan’s Jumpman brand does not have to do with combat, but instead features a creative LTM that has players collecting coins around a racetrack while boosting themselves with impulse grenades and sabotaging other players with Boogie Bombs. No shooting aloud.

The LTM comes with its own set of challenges and rewards, namely a bunch of different skateboard back blings and a few different sprays. Two challenges are live today and one asks you to dance or emote between two food trucks.

Doing this challenge is not…exactly conducive to winning, but you’ll want to sacrifice the time and coins around the track to get it done all the same as you try to complete all the challenges in the list.

The two food trucks are Pizza Pit and Durrr Burger trucks because of course these two even have to be rivals in a special Creative mode LTM.
You will them at the bottom of the second hill around the track on the left, next to a special ramp that takes you to a shortcut filled with coins, if you have the momentum to get up to it.
Emoting or dancing here is slightly harder than you might think because movement in this LTM is all jacked up, and constantly feels like you’re sliding on ice. My advice is aim for the two trucks, start dancing, and slide in between them, as trying to stop and then position yourself there is more awkward. And if you can maintain momentum, you may not even lose all that much time around the track.
The reward for this challenge is a new spray that features the rather scary Gameface symbol. And if this is your first challenge completed for the event, which it probably will be, you will also unlock the back bling skateboard, which you can unlock different styles for with the other challenges as they go live.
It’s a pretty cool LTM, and feels like something out of Sonic the Hedgehog if you ask me. I didn’t do very well my first run because I was busy messing around taking screenshots for this guide, but I think I’m getting the hang of it. Impulse Nades are really key to reaching those coins that everyone else is going to miss.

See you out there on the track.

Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/paultassi/2019/05/22/fortnite-downtown-drop-challenge-where-to-dance-or-emote-between-two-food-trucks/#7fbdf5351143

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POPULAR Oh yeah copping when I get home 🔥🔥

verified LV.24 Fearless
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verified LV.26 Dream Chaser

POPULAR I dropped this guy from 216m 🤯🤯

verified LV.24 Fearless
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POPULAR Fortbyte 72 Location Guide

Where To Find Fortnite’s Fortbyte #72 In Salty Springs (Location Map)

Another day, another new Fortbyte to find as well try to get enough pieces to unlock the season’s secret Utopia legendary skin in a few weeks. The latest piece of the puzzle is #72, which is “Found in Salty Springs.”
There have been a few location-based ones like these where all they give you is the named location and you have to do the rest. Salty Springs may not be the biggest location (I’m frankly survived it has survived all the map changes of the last few seasons as it’s a pretty dull zone comparatively these days), and it will require some searching unless you know exactly where to find it. Which I do.

You are going to want to head to the north, middle part of the zone, which is a pretty small space considering there are only like, six buildings here. You are not looking for Fortbyte #72 inside a building like you might expect, instead, you’re trying to find a red truck.
It’s right near the reboot van in the area, and it’s flipped on its side, the victim of some sort of accident, even though I never see anyone actually driving these cars around here. The piece is in the windshield of the knocked-over car, and you can grab it so long as you’re not in Creative Mode. I’m not exactly sure why Epic lets you find these in Creative without letting you take them, but it’s good for me to take screenshots I suppose.
Here’s a location map showing you the exact spot you’re going to in order to find the piece.
Salty is not exactly the hottest drop zone these days, but you could do worse than landing here at the start considering that at least it’s a named area and not in the middle of nowhere. The piece should be easy enough to grab and then you can gear up and go on to play a real game if you want rather than making it a special trip.

We will see where the next pieces fall this week, and we will keep pumping out guides and maps so you can find them in two seconds and don’t have to waste your time searching. See you tomorrow, same time, same channel.

If you need more help on this, go check out my leaked guide on this fortbyte here:

Source: https://www.bing.com/amp/s/www.forbes.com/sites/paultassi/2019/05/21/where-to-find-fortnites-fortbyte-72-in-salty-springs-location-map/amp/

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POPULAR Fortnite and Jordan Collab!!

Tomorrow we should see Micheal Jordan skins or just skins with the Jordan branding on them. There’s a slight chance at this being NBA related, but don’t count on it as the NBA logo is no where to be found.

Via GuilleGAG Twitter

LV.26 Xbox